Day 5… Be Willing To Fail

February 6, 2010

Sue Rasmussen is my guest blogging this week for the 7-Day Un-clutter Countdown.


Five days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over the seven days, leading up to our call, we will be right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.

WARNING: Some of these tips might seem trivial, even superficial, but don’t be fooled.  Deep beneath these simple, and very doable exercises lies the potential for incredible transformation.  Just because it doesn’t seem deep, doesn’t mean that it is.  Trust me.

Here is today’s un-cluttering tip from Sue Rasmussen

We often hesitate to try something new for fear of failing. Yet we often forget that ‘failure’ is a completely natural part of our growing process. If all babies learning to walk quit after the first tumble, we’d all lead pretty sedentary lives!

We were born willing, even eager, to try, to stretch, to grow… and to stumble along the way. It’s all part of the journey.

Somewhere along our path, however, we got conditioned to be safe and to play small. We learned to be careful, to look good, and to worry about making mistakes (these beliefs clutter up our head).

How much simpler life would be if our mistakes and growing pains were celebrated along with our successes!

I sometimes catch myself thinking I should know how to do something I’ve never done before. At those times, I have had to learn to step back (often kicking and screaming), put things in perspective, and give myself a huge break.  Once I do, I am much more excited and willing to step right in.

In fact, I bet you could easily think of memorable times in your life when you did something new, or difficult, or challenging, or scary. Nothing about the experience might have gone perfectly, yet you became a different person because of it. Just think of your first kiss (I bet THAT didn’t go perfectly), or working with your first client, or getting your first job.

For me, one example comes to mind immediately. It was the summer of 1988 and I was an exchange student living with a host family in the tiny town of Sille-le-Guillaume, France. One day, some friends invited me to participate in a 4-person team rowboat race taking place the following week.

I was by no means an expert rower (adequate at best), had no team, no time to do anything resembling training (not that I would have known how to train for a boat race, anyway), and we would be competing against teams of men who trained for this race every year.

I could hear all the reasons to politely decline yelling in my head. Yet it sounded like a lot of fun, so I heard myself say yes.

And then right away, the fear set it.

Was I going to make a complete fool of myself? What on EARTH was I thinking?!?

But I had said yes, so I immediately contacted several other American friends from nearby towns to be my teammates; all the other people in town were already on teams. We became ‘The American Express’ (very aptly named by my host mother, Jacqueline).

We had no time to practice, let alone do anything resembling training. My teammates showed up the evening of the race (two of them had to take trains to get there), apprehensive yet enthusiastic.

The race was complete chaos…a couple of the women on my team had never rowed in their lives, it was windy and rainy and cold, and the lake was choppy. Our hands quickly became numb. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was going perfectly.

So we decided to just give it our all and have a good time. I mean, we were in France, in a boat race, in the rain!

Several hundred, or maybe it was only a dozen, laps later we arrived at the finish line, soaking wet, exhausted, and blistered, in second to last place.

And we were ecstatic! We did it! We finished the race!

We were cheered and supported and teased and encouraged all along the way by the fans who came out to watch the race.

We even won a trophy for being the first female team to cross the finish line.

So did we fail? In the traditional sense, absolutely. We were a mess.

In every other sense that mattered, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We were four completely happy, exhausted young women who will have wonderful memories of that race for the rest of our lives.

To this day, I have a picture of the four of us, just after the race, that I will treasure forever (plus, I got to keep the trophy!)  Here’s to you, Sara, Loni, and Nicky!

Here’s to all of you, too.

Be willing to fail and make mistakes…and watch your life expand and grow beyond your wildest expectations!…


Day 6 – Wear What You Love

February 5, 2010

Sue Rasmussen is my guest blogging this week for the 7-Day Un-clutter Countdown.


Six days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over these seven days, leading up to our call, we are right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.

WARNING: Some of these tips might seem trivial, even superficial, but don’t be fooled.  Deep beneath these simple, and very doable exercises lies the potential for incredible transformation.  Just because it doesn’t seem deep, doesn’t mean that it is.  Trust me.

Here is today’s un-cluttering tip from Sue Rasmussen

I must confess.

I don’t read Vogue. Or In Style magazine. (OK, at least not that often…unless I’m at the salon. Or on vacation.)

I’m not all that interested in having Carrie Bradshaw’s clothes.

However, I AM a real woman, with real wardrobe needs – and I want to absolutely LOVE everything in my closet.

Sounds kind of obvious, right?

Here’s the thing.

In the closets of most women, you will find the following:

  • clothes you used to love at one time
  • clothes that used to fit
  • clothes you wanted to fit, but never did
  • clothes that don’t flatter your body type
  • clothes that you hope to wear when you finally lose that last 10 pounds (yes, I know you’ve been working on that for a couple of years…me, too)
  • clothes you bought just because they were on sale
  • clothes that still have the price tags on them
  • clothes that used to be part of an outfit (that no longer go with anything in your closet)
  • clothes the salesperson convinced you were ‘perfect for you’
  • clothes your friends convinced you were ‘perfect for you’
  • clothes you got as a gift
  • clothes in the wrong colors for you, that you never feel great wearing
  • lots of clothes, but when you get invited to a last-minute party, or to a wedding, or to a meeting with a special client (or an interview on TV), you rush frantically to get to the store and find something that ‘will do’

and, last but not least:

  • a few tried and true beloved clothes that you actually WEAR – day in and day out

Right?  🙂

The truth is, most of us wear only about 20% of what is in our closets.

And the rest?

Mostly clutter. Yep, even if it was expensive or is still in perfectly good shape.

All those other clothes are making you feel bad. They are making you feel guilty. They are draining your energy, one thread at a time (bet you didn’t know THAT!)

If you’re not wearing your clothes regularly and loving them fully, let them go and create more space in your closet and in your life.

And wear only what you really, truly love.

Day 7… Edit Your Closet

February 4, 2010

Sue Rasmussen is my guest blogging this week for the 7-Day Un-clutter Countdown.


Seven days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over the next seven days, leading up to our call, we will be right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.

WARNING: Some of these tips might seem trivial, even superficial, but don’t be fooled.  Deep beneath these simple, and very doable exercises lies the potential for incredible transformation.  Just because it doesn’t seem deep, doesn’t mean that it is.  Trust me.

Here is today’s un-cluttering tip from Sue Rasmussen

I love the word edit, don’t you?

(Probably because it reminds me of reading and writing and I love both of them, but I’m getting off topic here…)

Your closet, just like the first draft of the newest novel by John Grisham, could probably use a tiny little bit (or maybe a LOT) of editing.

Here’s my fancy-schmancy definition of editing your closet:

Clear out all the stuff

that is getting in the way

of you looking and feeling your very best right now

(no, not 10 pounds from now)

and get rid of it.

All of it.

Yes, I mean it.

Anything less is doing yourself a huge disservice.

Your closet is where you start each day. It’s where you get your first sense of who you are presenting to the world, and who you are presenting to yourself.

You simply can’t be your best if you don’t feel great about what you are wearing.

It’s like having a bad hair day, and you know what that feels like (we ALL do).

Most closets have about 10-20% of clothes and accessories that you actually wear, and the rest sits in there gathering dust and taking up space.

And keeping all the rest of the stuff that you’re not using creates the illusion that you have a full wardrobe that will take you anywhere you need to go, even when it isn’t true.

So here’s how you edit your closet:

1. Take out everything that doesn’t fit the body you have right at this moment. You’re not wearing that stuff right now anyway, so it doesn’t belong in your closet. (And you’ll never, ever, ever convince me that it’s motivating to have smaller clothes in your closet to keep you on your diet, so don’t even try.)

2.  Next take out everything that is worn out, out of style, you never liked anyway, and that doesn’t flatter you. You deserve to have every single thing in your closet delight you (remember last week’s article?)

3. Look at what’s left. What? You only have THREE things left in there?!?

Good. Now you know what you have actually been wearing (even when you spend 15 minutes in the morning trying to decide what to wear). And imagine how easy it will be to keep three things organized.

4. Go and get yourself matching hangers for your three lovely items. I prefer the white tubular hangers because you can always find more of them when you need more and they don’t take up nearly as much room as wooden hangers (although you don’t have that problem now that you only have three things in your closet, do you?)

5. Vacuum out all the dust bunnies you knew were in there but hadn’t been able to see for the forest of clothes that needed to be edited.

6. Enjoy your clean, cleared-out, beautifully edited closet…preferably with wine and dark chocolate.

And wear only what you really, truly love.

Announcing… The 7-Day Un-Clutter Countdown

February 3, 2010

I’d like to invite you to join me and my dear friend, Sue Rasmussen, in the F*R*E*E 7-DAY UN-CLUTTER COUNTDOWN!

Remember Sue?

Sue joined me on a call in December where she talked about the profound affects of clutter on your life, energy, relationships, and business.  I joined Sue, along with several of you in her “Clear Out Day” program and she utterly rocked my world.

I’ve invited her back to help you connect the dots between CLUTTER and MANIFESTATION. To help you make that connection, we’ve prepared the Un-Clutter Countdown.


Seven days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over the next seven days, leading up to our call, we will be right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.


Most people focus 100% on the actions they believe it will take to reach their goals. They spend most of their time, money, and energy working on longer and longer to-do lists, adding more and more activities to squeeze into their day, working longer and longer hours…always looking for more, more, more…and pushing harder and faster and harder and faster.

However, they don’t realize that simply getting rid of any resistance in their life will help them reach their goals MUCH, MUCH faster.

During this special call, we will talk about how LETTING GO OF RESISTANCE — whether it be clutter in your physical environment, time clutter, relationship clutter, or emotional and mental and spiritual clutter — is absolutely KEY to creating room for opportunity, abundance, inspired ideas, and synchronicity … all necessary to accomplish the truly great things you are capable of achieving in your business and your life.

Sign up for the call here!

And remember, to support you in diving deeper into the un-cluttering process, come back here to my blog every day as we continue the  UN-CLUTTER COUNTDOWN.

Each day you will find a new un-cluttering tip that you can move easily and instantly into your life.

We’re looking forward to seeing you lots over the next seven days!

BIG love,

P.S. Can’t make it live to the call? No worries… register for the call you and we’ll send you the playback link so you won’t miss a thing!

P.P.S. Learn more about Sue here.

A Whole New Year

February 3, 2010

It has been WEEKS since my last post!  Thank you for not forgetting about me and staying close to my heart.

I thought I’d take time today fill you in on what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

FIRST!  I’m celebrating a momentous completion! Last week, I wrapped up the 1-year WorldChangingWealth program.  I journeyed for a full year with an incredible group of wisdom-inspired entrepreneurs.  I plan to feature these incredible, WorldChanging Leaders in the months ahead, so you can get to know them and have the opportunity to connect with this amazing group of trailblazers.

Leading the WorldChangingWealth program was incredibly trans formative for me.

As a group, our intention was for each of us to experience a radical increase in our energetic frequency. Our primary goal was to evolve and transform our inner worlds, so as to live life from a higher frequency of love, power, and prosperity.  To correspond, or demonstrate that inner world change, we each set an external world goal that represented a shift in the energetic frequency of our inner worlds.

In other words…

  1. We first decided how much we wanted to expand energetically (a little or a whole lot) in 2009
  2. Then we imagined how that shift on the inside might affect our outer world.
  3. Finally, each of us selected a primary 12 month goal that could be witnessed and demonstrated in the physical world.

But we set the 12 month goal knowing that the purpose of our journey wasn’t the goal.

The purpose of our journey was internal transformation, and one possible manifestation that could occur as we evolved our inner world to that higher energetic frequency, would be the 12 month goal selected for 2009.

For me, I wanted, more than anything in 2009, to have a radical increase in energy experienced as a greater feeling of self-worth.  The specific goal I imagined last January that would demonstrate the immense energetic breakthrough I had in mind, was the manifestation of $500K in revenues.  My thinking last January was that my self-worth had only allowed me to receive about 40% of that in years past.  Since I wanted to more than double my connection and awareness to self-worthiness, I set the goal at $500K.

My $500K goal, while exciting, was always secondary to my primary intention:  radical increase in energy experienced as a greater feeling of self-worth.

After setting the goal, we asked ourselves…

What would stop me from reaching that goal?

And I could see right away lived the fear that I can’t have what I want.

I see now that the primary obstacle I was working through in 2009 was this belief, that I can’t have what I want. Of course this wasn’t a new fear.  It was an old fear that had been chasing me around since childhood.  My whole life I’ve lived with the lingering suspicion that “you can’t have it all,” “that you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” and that “getting what you want only comes from tremendous sacrifice.”

I realize now that it hadn’t ever really, truly occurred to me until mid-way through 2009 that having what I want could actually be easy and natural — completely without doing, striving, or trying. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So, after selecting my 12 month goal of $500K, which represented the external manifestation of discovering a heightened experience of self-worthiness, I set out on my journey.

The first way I handled my fear of not being able to have what I want was through sheer will and force. This was nothing new.  I decided a long time ago that I could will myself to do or achieve anything. And I proved this to be true in countless circumstances.  If you need someone to make something happen — no matter how impossible — I was always the girl for the challenge.

The way I decided I would make my goal of more self-worth and $500K come to me was through hard work and determination. I set up an incredibly rigorous marketing and communication plan.  I hired a team to help me do, do, do all the things that needed doing.  I launched programs, wrote articles, spoke on radio shows, and led dozens of free calls.

I was going to WILL my way to self-worth. (Sound familiar?)

The only problem with handling the fear of “not being able to have what you want” through force and will, is that it only intensifies the fear. This is a major scoop of wisdom that came from the year, actually.

The harder I worked the more I reinforced the idea that I alone was unworthy. It was only through the time, energy, giving, dollars, and sacrifices I made that I could prove my worth and receive what I wanted.  So I was drilling myself deeper and deeper into the corridors of belief that I couldn’t really have what I wanted — I couldn’t really have success AND keep my sanity.  I couldn’t have success AND not give it all away.

In other words, by trying to will myself toward my goal, I only exacerbated the belief that I can’t have what I want.


That brings us to roughly June of last year.  Will and force carried me that far.

But I was suddenly struck by the awareness that while I was well on my way towards my $500K goal, my larger intention to have a radical increase in energy experienced as a greater feeling of self-worth — the one that was truly important to me — seemed farther away than ever.

I wasn’t feeling greater self-worth.  I was feeling tired.  Exhausted.  Frustrated.

Sitting at a resort in Arizona with my mastermind group, I suddenly realized that not only was I moving in the opposite direction of my intention, but I was also moving deeper into my fear that I can’t have what I want.  It was there that I realized it was time for a radical shift in approach.

I knew I needed to slow down.  I need to stop proving my worth and start discovering and honoring it.  I also needed to plunge further into this fear of not being able to have what I want.

To do this, I launched the Simplicity Experiment, which I discussed on my blog (90-days of removing everything from my life and business that wasn’t bringing me joy).

During the Simplicity Experiment I started to finally listen to my heart and hear what it wanted moment to moment.  I was both shocked and terrified to learn that my heart’s desire didn’t want all the things I kept telling myself I wanted.  It didn’t want tons of clients.  It didn’t want to be busy, busy, busy.  It didn’t want to have every moment of every day scheduled and structured. It didn’t even seem particularly affected with joy when I made a sale or a big check would come it.

The Simplicity Experiment allowed me to see what I had been completely unaware of previously:  I had no idea what I truly wanted.

I learned the key to breaking through my fear of not being able to have what I want AND my desire for greater self-worth in the same moment.  That moment came when I realized that I had never even allowed myself to consider what I truly want, because I’d already deemed myself unworthy of something so huge.  Therefore the simple key was to allow myself the full, unadulterated space to ponder such a “selfish” question of…

“If I could have anything I wanted easily and effortlessly, and I didn’t have to prove my worthiness of receiving it, what would I want to do/be/have in this moment?”

During the rest of the Simplicity Experiment, and the rest of 2009, I used this question to explore the nature of my true desires.

I discovered lots of new things about my true nature…

  • I love time to myself and I need a fair bit of it to keep in an energetic state of empowerment.
  • When I do too much I feel my energy dip and I start to perceive myself through victim eyes.
  • I love to walk.  Not only does it keep my body feeling fit and healthy, but it clears my mind.  It is deep self-care for me.
  • I simply adore my husband — being with him is my favorite thing to do (assuming I’ve also had a balance of time to myself).
  • I love to be with my daughter.  When I allow myself to be fully present and not distracted by work, email, or anything else, being with Ella is the single most fulfilling, joyful way for me to spend my time.  When I am doing too much, I loose my patience and barely enjoy my time with her.
  • For me to keep my energetic frequency at its highest, the primary focus of my attention and energy, at least right now, needs to be my family.
  • I love deep, meaningful relationships (much of this energy is currently captured in my relationships with my family).
  • I don’t do well managing lots of relationships (which is why I don’t plan to take on any more ongoing coaching relationships).
  • I enjoy reading stories about people who inspire others (fiction or non).
  • I love to pour myself into a creative project for an intense, but short time, and then rest for a while after.
  • I am productive when I leave plenty of time to be unproductive.
  • When I honor these things I’ve written above, my creative juices flow powerfully through me.  I am a clear vessel for wisdom and truth.  I am able to teach, share, and lead.

During these months, I’ve asked myself again and again, the question “Do I want to have a business?  Or do I want to be a full-time mom?” Even asking these questions perhaps demonstrated one of my biggest shifts in self-worth all year, as it allowed me to even consider the possibility that I could be worthy of allowing my husbandto take care of me while I focus on Ella Pearl.  I know it might seem small, but for me it was HUGE — a much bigger demonstration of an energetic shift for me, than $500K in the bank.

And so far, the answer keeps coming back… “Stay connected to WorldChangingBusiness… but allow yourself to do it in a scaled-back, easy way.”

So that’s the voice I’ve been following.

In 2009, I didn’t reach my $500K goal. And believe it or now I’m thrilled about it, actually.  Even relieved.  Because instead of reaching it, I discovered during 2009 that I am worth far more than the money I make.  I am worthy of joy, love, and happiness even I don’t make lots of money — even if I don’t help others — even if I don’t change the world.  In fact, not reaching my goal was more of a demonstration of my worthiness than anything.  I learned that I am worthy of joy just because I am.  Like all of us.

The funny thing is that I was well positioned the first half of the year to meet and even exceed my goal. But the true lessons of self-worth showed up mid-year forcing to ask even bigger questions — about what I truly want — and could I summon up the courage (and yes it takes courage to feel worthy) to be worthy enough to have what I want.

I now understand why my $500K goal was perfect. It was sent to me directly from the divine.  But it wasn’t about reaching the goal that I discovered was important.  It was what I learned along the way.

Thus, my desire for WorldChangingBusiness in 2010 is to enjoy being with all of you, to share whatever happens to be flowing through me at any given time, and to honor my own rhythm of rest and creativity.  I am rolling out a very simple new business model that allows me to create on a less rigorous and less scheduled pace, while also allowing for the development of a handful of deeply meaningful business relationships in my life.

Some of these deep, meaningful relationships will be the members of my WorldChangingWomen team. In the weeks ahead I’ll be explaining what this group is in greater detail.  In short, they are my dream team. They are women who inspire me.  Women that I know and trust deeply.  Women who truly are out there making a difference in the world.

And in April, I will be launching a new program. A program with a new kind of format and approach that I believe in my heart will both inspire and transform you from the inside out.  More details will come in the weeks ahead.

Between now and the April launch, you’ll start hearing from me again here and there. I’ll be introducing the WorldChangingWomen, following my daily guidance, and reaching out to you when my heart feels authentically inspired to do so.

Love and light,


Day 30 – Discovering Myself Again

October 13, 2009

My goodness it has been a LONG time since I’ve posted! I had every intention of popping in before now, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling inspired to write.  And since I’m committed to living from desire (rather than will power or guilt), I decided to wait until the inspiration hit me.

Well, suddenly, out of the blue, today it did!  🙂

I have LOTS to tell you.

First, I’ve been LOVING my “love affair with my life.” It has been splendid.  In my last entry on Day 4 of my 90-day journey, I began a Love Ritual which I’ve done every day since then.  I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made taking this little time for myself.  I feel beautiful, sensuous, desirable — even fabulous! — And I hadn’t felt really fabulous since before Ella was born.

I am a woman who loves to feel beautiful. It is part of the “experience” I long for in this life.

If you’ve been listening in to the Free 3-call series,  “Discover A WorldChanging Perspective,” you know that my focus lately has been “experience.”  I’ve been focused on the internal experience of being in the physical world.  So, rather than simply focusing on the physical world, I’m playing in the physical world, but staying really grounded and present to how the experience feels inside me.  I’ve been studying how my senses receive the physical world, as well as how my emotional and spiritual world is affected by my senses.

And so while I am loving being beautiful — and the physical world mirror is reflecting it — that’s not specifically where I am focused. I’m focused on the inside.

And it is RICH.

Out of this “love affair with myself,” and this journey of exploring our “experience” of the physical world, I came across a life-changing book called, Breaking Loose From the Money Game.  It has ROCKED my world, and taken me even further along in both of my current inquiries.  Reading it has given me a completely new perspective from which to recall my power, enjoy my life, and perceive my infinite nature.

Puzzle pieces are sliding into place.  Cracks are forming in old, seemingly unbreakable thought systems.  I feel myself utterly changing with every breath.

I’m loving it!

It was from this inspiration that I decided to launch the afore mentioned Free 3-call series,  “Discover A WorldChanging Perspective.” In this series, I am coming from a place of pure bubbling over excitement, and wanting to share.  I literally can’t keep myself from talking about this new perspective.

Out of this 3-call series, I intend to offer people the opportunity to participate in the WorldChanging Breakthrough Workshop (details will launch on October 15th at, scheduled for November 16-17 in New York City.

I have a confession to make. That this is honestly the first time I’m offering a program and completely unattached to whether anyone decides to sign up.  Actually, three people already have, so I guess it’s happening regardless, but I’m very curious and interested in this utter non-attachment to the outcome.  I suppose it’s because I’ve been playing with the idea of disconnecting my life purpose as a mentor and healer, with making money — which, by the way flies in the face of everything I’ve every taught about being a business owner, BUT for right now, it is giving me tremendous freedom and fearlessness in all that I’m doing in both my business and my life.  So that’s pretty cool.

In this case, for the WorldChanging Breakthrough Workshop, all I desire is a hand-full of people willing to explore this new perspective that I keep eluding to.  And since three people are already signed up, I guess my desire is already fulfilled.

There is an underlying message here in the nature of abundance, now isn’t there?

Let’s see… one other thing  I wanted to catch you up on!  I turn 35 on November 4th. (Bring out the streamers and the buttercream icing!)  So I decided, that rather than celebrate solely on the day of my birth, I would celebrate the 30 days leading up to my big day, as well.

How am I celebrating?

Well, as I said, one of the things I’ve been exploring is “experience.” In life, we have all sorts of physical world desire — goals, intentions, wishes, etc.  Through my recent study on “experience,” I believe wholeheartedly that the Infinite Self that is present with us before, during, and after our physical world experience plays an important role in leading our desire.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I mean that your Infinite Self — the part of you that exists well beyond the physical world — wishes for you to have all sorts of amazing and varied experiences.

But unlike our Human Self who likes to see the goal completed, the money in the bank, the ring on your finger, and the crowded room of paid customers; our Infinite Self is using the physical world for one thing, and one thing only… experience.

While we might be interested in the full bank account, our Infinite Self is interested in the often roller-coaster journey of getting there.  Your Infinite Self could care less about the actual bank account, because it lives beyond its experience.

Anyway, for my 35th birthday, I asked myself what both my human self and my Infinite Self wishes for and the answer I received was this:  Supreme Self Care.

Thus, during these 30 days leading up to my 35th birthday, I am taking a series of daily actions in the physical world that allow me to care deeply for my physical, emotional, and spiritual being. However, rather than focusing on the physical world results of my Supreme Self Care program, I am instead really getting inside the experience of how it feels inside me.  I am attempting to experience my self care as my Infinite Self would, rather than soley my Human Self.

My 30-Day Supreme Self Care Birthday Gift to myself includes my daily Love Ritual, daily exercise, daily nutrition program, daily meditation, my weekly Creative Play Day, and my weekly beauty routine.  As I do each of these things, I’m focusing gentle attention on the experience of self-care. — The experience of giving myself a rich and loving gift.

It has been magical.

Additionally, as part of my intention to “have a love affair with my life” over these 90-days, I am continuing to listen weekly to each new module of the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram. Last week I listened to the Law of Feeling, which was oh-so-appropriate in helping me deepen my study on “experience.”  And this week, I’m focused on the Law of Attraction.  In this module, one of the exercises given is to look at what you imagine you will be able to do once your 90-day goal/desire is complete.

I invite you to ask yourself the same question:

1.  What is something you long to manifest into your life?

2.  What are ten things you imagine you could do AFTER your goal is complete?

3.  Pick at least one to do right away

Here’s what my list of things I imagine I could do AFTER my goal of having a love affair with my life:

  • Feel inspired to write a book
  • Take a journey to Africa
  • Go to culinary school
  • Give up my business all together, if I wanted to
  • Have the best sex of my life with my husband
  • Discover a deep unexplored interest or desire
  • Start a non-profit organization
  • Fund the nurturance of independent sustainability for a village in Africa and commit to visiting that village with my family every year
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Win a Nobel Peace Prize
  • Start a school for kids teaching them how to build a solid connection to their inner wisdom, natural desire to help others, and express their infinite brilliance
  • Have lots of energy and enjoy every moment of motherhood

I’m actually looking at taking action with many of the items listed above. I’m planning a trip to Africa and simultaneously, starting to explore the idea of raising money for an impoverished village in Africa.    I realized I’m already having great sex with my husband.  😉  I’ve been taking discovery walks through the bookstore to see what topics jump out at me.   All sorts of things are showing up, but so far, with only luke-warm interest.  Actually one thing that I have been interested in is studying and connecting with “WorldChangers” — people who have made a positive impact on their community or the larger world.  Part of that has been the gentle, curious investigation of people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize.  There are some truly AMAZING people in the world… Actually, maybe that IS my new interest to explore.  I had a momentary thought today that I might host a radio show that interviews WorldChangers… I’d do it for the raw experience of hearing the stories and being in the presence of truly amazing, impact-ful people on the planet.   I’ve also started taking three mornings off per week to connect and be with my Ella Pearl.  I’m finding this to be truly transformative.  By spending time with her first thing in the morning, when I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and inviting the nanny to come later in the day to take care of her during the hours when I am running out of energy, I’m discovering that not only am I experiencing a greater connection with my little Pearl, but also feeling less exhausted all the time.

Anyway…………. this is a pretty big catch up blog post. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a metal.  😉  Thanks for listening.

Love and light,


Day 4 – A Daily Love Affair Ritual

September 17, 2009

As you may have read on my last blog entry, my Manifestation Guide this week, Oprah, gave me clear instructions to create a “Daily Love Affair Ritual.”

So here it is!

Every day I…

  • Light a candle in my bathroom
  • Set and intention for the day
  • Look in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful
  • Wash my face with my favorite facial cleanser, Gel Netoyant by Yonka
  • Apply my favorite facial moisturizer, Frutelia by Yonka
  • Brush my hair sensuously
  • Gently apply lipstick (and if I like, any other makeup that will feel good on my skin)
  • Mist on Coco Chanel Perfume (it actually is my favorite)
  • Wink and blow myself a kiss in the mirror before wishing myself a glorious day

While this may not seem like much.  For me, this small ritual means the world. It’s a mini retreat that puts me first.  As a mother who works from home, I often find that days go by without my taking the time to put on makeup or give my appearance much attention.  But appearance matters to me.  The way I look deeply affects how I feel.  And when I look in the mirror and see disheveled hair and a tired face, I don’t exactly feel like jumping up and down about being me.  But even a touch of lipstick makes all the difference.

I observe that I always put my best foot forward when it comes to being with others. I love taking the time to look beautiful.  It’s interesting that I only indulge in my own beauty for others.  It seems that what Oprah was saying about “shining my light for others” shows up in lots of ways in my life.  I am reminded again of her calm and powerful guidance:  “Bathe yourself in your own light.” I’m seeing that my beauty is a form of my light.

I am just noticing another pre-baby habit that would serve me again now… I used to do a Weekly Beauty Ritual where I would get my nails done and my hair washed and blow-dryed every week.  I became less consistent with it after Ella.  Why??  Well, at first it was the old money excuse… because after she was born I wasn’t working and therefore, how could I possibly deserve pretty hair and toes? — Even though my husband encouraged me to do it.  But later after I started working again, I still didn’t bring back my weekly beauty ritual.  Wanna hear my crazy logic for why not?  This time it was another money excuse… because I shouldn’t spend time getting my hair done while Ella is with the nanny.  I should only spend money on a nanny when I am busy making money… It’s becoming more and more clear why Money showed up as my Life School during my inner visualization exercise on Monday.

So, I hereby declare my new commitments!!

#1 – I commit to my Daily Love Affair Ritual written above

#2 – I commit to my Weekly Beauty Ritual, where I get my hair and nails done weekly

I’m just noticing some judgment come up as I write,  so I’ll share it.  I heard my inner critic say, “You’re awfully absorbed in your appearance?  Aren’t you being a little shallow?” But right on the heels was another voice — a calm and loving voice that said, “Now Coco, you know this is just the first step.  You can’t begin to know the depths of how these simple practices serve you.” … So with that calm, loving voice in my head… I’m off to attend to my Daily Love Affair Ritual… 🙂

BIG love,


I hope you enjoyed reading about my first day on the journey.  Thank you for listening!

If you would like to join me, and take a journey of your own to the depths of your being, sign up at

Day 2 – A Love Affair With My Life

September 15, 2009

Well, I officially began my 90 day Manifestation Mastery Journey within yesterday.  And I have to say, that I’m already feeling a significant change in the person I am being.  I’m already feeling a bit more alive, in color, and sexy… 🙂

I kicked off my journey with a free call inviting others to participate.  Here is the recording where you can begin your own 90 Day Journey.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling excited!!  That feeling of anticipation and curiosity was bubbling up all morning as I prepared breakfast for my Ella, danced around her bedroom with her, and handed her off to Rosa, her beloved nanny, at 9:30.  With my mothering responsibilities behind me, and the kitchen back into order after Ella whirled cheerios around the room, I was ready to tend to an inner yearning that I could feel coming forward for weeks now.

As I sat down at my desk, looking over Broadway into a face of beautiful September-lush trees, my breathing slowed as I slipped on my earphones to listen to the “Getting Started” module of the Manifestation Mastery Journey.

I felt my heart commit to the journey.  To 90 days of inner connection.  Evolution.  Transformation.  Unfolding.

I felt the presence of Spirit lifting me up from the inside.

During the guided visualization at the end of the first recording, I excavated beautiful insights and wisdom.  I’ll share a few discoveries with you here…

“I see my current life as a reflection of family and service.  My activities surround the mundane.  Cooking, feeding, caring, tending.  Chores.  I see the gray of my existence.  The tired exhaustion that comes from a constant pull of others’ need.  I see myself at my desk.  Hunched over.  Working quickly trying to complete every task.  I see the email inbox full, and still filling.  It feels neverending.  I notice that everything feels like a labor.  Very few moments of true color and joy.  I see me and my family up at the lake.  It is beautiful.  It is lovely.  But even the lake feels tired.  I see myself chasing my Ella from rock to stone to flower.  And while there are flickers of joy… the moment I open the door in the morning to see Ella’s sweet face smiling back at me, the sound of her voice saing “Ma Ma,” the connected moments when Frank plays the guitar and we all feel together, the stolen moments where I sneak out for a walk while Ella naps… There is so much good… And yet it somehow seems to be washed in a shade of gray.  A feeling of exhaustion.  A longing for freedom.”

“I see my three greatest strengths clearly.  The are…

(1) Perseverance/will (which saved my life when I was a child)

(2) A deep capacity for feeling (which I see is the center of my healing power — both for myself and with others)

(3) Courage (which still startles me when I consider the radical choices I’ve made over the years)”

“What I wish for in my life… more peace, more color, more freedom…I wish to release resentment of my family for their needs… I wish to embrace the simple beauty of my life… I wish to live more in the awakeness of celebrating the deeper truth that I have fulfilled one of my deepest desires, that being to have a family… And I wish to release struggle in my business.  I wish to stop trying.  I wish that success could either be there and be consistent, or that I could finally surrender my need for it altogether.  I wish that I felt a more complete feeling of connection with my step-daughter… that I could feel more for her the way I so easily feel for Ella…”

“Then came the question of what is my Life School (the area of my life, that contains the greatest space of transformation and enlightenment available to me).  Just as the question came, I instantly knew that the answer:  Money.  The answer was clear as day.”

“The struggles I see around money boils down to personal value and self worth.  Deep down, there is still a part of me who believes I am unworthy of the success I have, the beautiful family I have, and the comfortable lifestyle that my husband and I have created.  I don’t feel worthy of what I have. Thus, I have to keep trying again and again to prove that I am worthy.  And the more I have, the more proving I still feel I need to do.  So I am, in some ways, unsettled by the presence of abundance in my life.  And that unsettled feeling plays itself out in self-sabotaging ways, both in my business and in my family.  I see this stems from growing up without much money.  We didn’t buy things, not because we chose not to, but because we couldn’t afford it.  Somehow every time I pay for something — something that will bring me pleasure or joy — I feel guilty that I even have the choice.  I feel somehow that I don’t deserve the choice.”

“What I long for most is to feel worthy of what I have and for what I long for.”

“The Manifestation Mentor that came forth today was Oprah. I was deeply resistant at first. Beneath my resistance to having Oprah show up, I notice that I judge the desire of others and myseslf, for having the “Oprah fantasy” — the fantasy of being noticed by her, put on her show, and having overnight success and stardom — the same way I judge the fantasy of winning the lottery, because both the “Oprah fantasy” and winning the lottery, have seemed equally as unrealistic and a waste of time to even consider.  But after breathing through my resistance, I allowed myself to settle in and be with Oprah’s magnificent presence.  She was waring warm brown clothing — a cashmere sweater with a cowl neck and brown cashmere pants that looks so soft that I longed to touch them, and a pair of Manolo Blahnik brown alligator stiletto heels.  Impeccable, beautiful, yet comfortable, tasteful.  She smelled of Chanel No. 5 perfume, and her entire presence seemed to be filled with a calming potion that slowed my heart rate to a slow, yet powerful hum.

“Oprah told me that I am delicious and that she is here with me because, despite what I might think, she knows and loves me.  She proclaimed, ‘I see you, Coco.  You are NOT invisible to me.’

“She then explained that I have been misunderstanding the idea of ‘shining one’s light.’ She explained that it is a myth that shining your light has anything to do with other people.  She told me that the purpose of shining your light is NOT to connect with others (that’s just a mere byproduct) — the real purpose of shining your light is to connect with yourself.  She told me simply, ‘Bathe yourself in your own light.  That’s what it means to shine your light.  And when you do, you will feel whole and powerful again.’

Oprah’s key to success, she explained, is self-love.  Loving what I do, yes.  But more important, who I am.”

“She showed me what’s keeping me from my success… The need to please others.  The need to coax an audience… She told me that this path no longer serves me — it once did, but it is not where I am intended to put my attention now.  She explained that pleasing others and coaxing an audience can only get you so far.  She explained that for me, in particular, it makes me believe I need to prove my worth.  She told me to shine for myself.  Feel free to do it publically.  But forget about others’ response.  Shine for yourself, and yourself alone. She explained that she too was once addicted to pleasing others.  But it could only take her so far.  Real success came, for her, after stopped focusing on needing the audience.  She explained that this is the golden rule she has followed all her career.”

“As I step into my Authentic Path, here’s what Oprah revealed is available to me… She showed me a picture of myself sitting radiant, beautiful, and emanating love. Light was all around me.  I had a seductive smile that seemed to hold many delicious mysteries behind it.  I understood that this desire — for a radiant, powerful, delicious me — is the only desire I need to focus on.  With this in place, I can relax and enjoy the ride of life.  I can experience the joy of my beautiful family.  And I can choose what I want to do in my business… but not have it be about proving my worth… because that will no longer be necessary.  In this vision, I am free to simply enjoy.

“Oprah revealed that my 12-Month Manifestation Goal is to become a ripe, juicy, irresistible goddess.”

“And the first brave step, my 90-Day Divine Creation/Goal, is to “have a love affair with my life.”  She explained that what this means is to…

1.  Develop this week, A Daily Love Affair Ritual that I follow every day for the next 90 days,

2.  Take myself on seven sexy, seductive dates (just me, all by myself) between now and December 13th

3.  Have some kind of special goddess celebration somewhere along the way (maybe it will be somehow connected to the WorldChanging Breakthrough workshop I plan to give in November :)”
“For actions, Oprah gave me three…

1.  Every day put on perfume and lipstick (it seems to be the beginning of my daily goddess ritual)

2.  Create your daily goddess ritual and begin following it

3.  Each day this week, journal and reflect for 10 minutes about what it means to me to have a “Love Affair With My Life”

** Just to be 100% clear, the conversation described above with Oprah was in my inner world, not an actual conversation with Oprah Winfrey.


Inspired by my new focus of having a love affair with my life and becoming a ripe, juicy, irresistable goddess, I went out and had my hair done yesterday afternoon!! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first day on the journey.  Thank you for listening!

If you would like to join me, and take a journey of your own to the depths of your being, sign up at

Are You Willing To Journey Within?

September 11, 2009

How are you??  How are you feeling? What are you noticing during these past days and weeks?

If you’re like me, you’ve tapped full force into the powerful energies at work in our universe right now.  The pronounced effects of the energetic shifts all around us have sent waves of emotion, confusion, and questions all through people around the globe.

It seems like everywhere I go, I’m in conversation with people in a similar place — particularly women entrepreneurs on a spiritual path.  It almost feels, in some ways, like myself and others are finally crying “UNCLE!” We’ve tried the old systems of living, business, and success, and it seems the old ways no longer work — nor do they feel authentic or satisfying in any real way.

That’s, in part, why I decided to do the 3-Month Simplicity Experiment, (read more about it at, where I have been…

1.  Eliminating everything from my life that isn’t fully aligned with my deepest desire
2.  Adding at least one day per week of unscheduled time for creative play
3.  Taking a break from will power
4.  Following my bliss
5.  Discovering my authentic creative cycle

This process, along with the simultaneous powerful energetic shifts at hand, have opened up so much for me — both clarity and confusion — about what I’m here to do, the person I am, and where my authentic path is leading me.

As I continue to journey into the unknown, the one thing that has remained clear is the steadying importance of having a consistent connection to Spirit.

This is why I’ve decided to take the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram myself.  (

You may have noticed the 10 Day countdown to the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram that took place last month.  You can read all about it here on my blog.

On Monday, September 14th, I will officially begin the Manifestation Mastery Journey myself, and as I begin, I invite you to join me on this day of profound initiation into the unknown…

WHEN:  September 14, 2009
BRIDGE:  219-509-8333
ACCESS CODE:  690292#
INVESTMENT:  F*R*E*E (except any long distance phone charges that may apply)

This call will give you the opportunity to declare your own journey within, and step powerfully into the direction that Spirit is calling you.

On the call, you will also be given the opportunity to join me along my personal journey of expansion, as I take the first step into the Manifestation Mastery Journey.  I will share with you more about what this journey means to me personally. — What my personal goals and aspirations are, as well as the challenges I face in the days and weeks ahead. I intend to get deep and personal with you, with the intention of opening doors to your own personal journey within.

Also, I will ANNOUNCE ON THE CALL AN INCREDIBLE F*R*E* BONUS that will put the journey completely over the edge of excitement, support, and total immersion into your Authentic Path. (Hint:  You and I will have the opportunity to meet together live, in an intimate, personal way, at no additional fee.)

EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE THE FULL JOURNEY WITH ME, you won’t want to miss Monday’s call, as it will set you powerfully into your own journey — wherever it leads.

In the weeks ahead, as I ingest each of the 14 modules of the Manifestation Mastery eProgram, I will be sharing my personal discoveries and insights here on my blog (

In addition, to facilitate our journey together, I will also be holding a series of live calls where we can share, connect, and support one another.

You won’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity of awakening, discovery, and unfolding.

Again, join me on Monday, September 14th, at 12 PM for an unforgettable commencement of our mutual journey within.

Love and light,

[WorldChanging] 3, 2, 1… LAUNCH!

August 28, 2009

TODAY is the day!! I’ve been waiting with delightful anticipation for this moment!! And I’m thrilled that this day is finally here!!  Today is the official launch of the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram.

And without further adieu, I invite you to explore the program…

The Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram is for conscious-bringers, light-workers, and spirit-seekers who long to discover their power as a force for good on the planet.

The program is designed to help you learn and integrate the hidden universal laws of the universe.  The program shows you how to create in the same way Spirit has created the entire universe.

Here are the three primary objectives of this Journey:

  1. You will discover the hidden power of the universe — the 10 Laws of Creation. These are specific laws that show you exactly what to do and to be, to create what you desire.
  2. You will manifest at least one highly valuable creation. A 90-day goal or creation that is deeply valuable and desired by you.
  3. You will step into your role as a Messenger. You will become a Divine Reflection of Love, Wealth, and Prosperity — which makes you a powerful catalyst, mentor, and teacher in the world.

Learn more about the program at

Over the last 10 days, here on my blog, I have given you a small taste of each of the 10 Laws of Creation.

But here, in the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, you will receive the full picture of each of these incredible laws.  You will learn exactly how to master each of them, and utilize them as a force for good in the world around you.


I mentioned in my posting just ten days ago, that the reason I am launching this program is because I am personally longing to take the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram myself.

If you are interested in journeying along with me as I work through the materials myself – not as a teacher, but rather as a student – I would be honored to have you join me.

Like you, I will listen to each of the fourteen recordings included in the program.  I will also journey inwards,, using the Inner Rituals at the end of each recording.  And I will personally set forth to manifest a 90-day creation into my life.

And along the way, I will host five Q&A Gatherings, where everyone journeying together with you and me will be invited to share and ask questions about the Journey.

Would you like to journey with me?


** FOURTEEN 90-MINUTE DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO RECORDINGS  — During each of these recordings, you will receive detailed understanding of how the Laws of Creation work, and specifically how to use them in your life to create whatever you choose.  These calls will provide a multi-dimensional experience enabling you to create an extraordinary 90-Day Creation.

** TEN INNER RITUALS — At the end of each of many of the audio recordings, there is a sacred exercise guiding you to connect with Spirit and your Manifestation Guides.  These Inner Rituals will help you discover how to apply each of the 10 Laws of Creation into your life.

** TEN LEARNING GUIDES – These are written guides that lay out each of the 10 Laws of Creation in detail. They can be used and read ongoing as you practice the art of being a Manifestation Master.


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#3 – To support you along your journey, I am offering FIVE 60-MINUTE LIVE Q&A CALLS, where you, me, and everyone else taking the journey can gather on a conference line to share, ask questions, and receive new wisdom.  These calls will take place over the next 4 months and will offer you direct and personal support from me on your journey.

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BIG love,


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