Natural and Rare Now EVOLution

This week, I have the extraordinary Doreen Agostino guest blogging on the WorldChangingBusiness blog…

Meet Doreen…

Message From Doreen:

Leading edge physics, science, indigenous knowledge and deep spiritual truth, reveal that several grand cycles of time end Dec. 21, 2012 and a New World Age begins. Since the nonmaterial realm of Infinite Light, best described spiritually as Unconditional Love and scientifically as Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy, responds to every Belief Emotion Action Thought, no one knows precisely when or how this natural Shift will occur.

As a veil of forgotten truth thins during this Shift of the Ages, everyONE is invited to awaken BodyMindSoul now to the brilliant ‘Spark Of Unconditional Love’ you naturally are, as a caterpillar awakens beyond a chrysalis into a higher form of being.

As this rare cosmic wave of opportUNITY advances, time compresses into only now, which means what everyONE thinks about, talks about, writes about and feels about, comes about faster like a boomerang. The more we align BodyMindSoul within and everyONE, the more Infinite Light flows into our world, the only authentic power to influence the quality and duration of our journey into the Heart of a New World Age.

How To Access Doreen:

Certified in 2nd Degree Reiki, Holodynamics, a Silva Method Graduate, author, mentor and international Internet radio host, Doreen Agostino sparks individuals to expand awareness beyond a conditioned mind, to see through illusions that keep you playing small and smooth passage into a new FairCareShare conscious world. For more InFormation, click below:

Heart Centered CommUNITY: Access free online resources to more clearly understand these natural and rare EVOLutionary times at
2012 A Fresh Perspective: To expand awareness, inner peace and positive results, download free resources with 2012 A Fresh Perspective. Spark your own Heart centered Inner Truth to victoriously EVOLve a New World Age. Visit and click under Sign Me Up.

Closest Approximation of Truth: Align Shine Prosper Internet radio host Doreen Agostino and  leading edge physicists, scientists, doctors and world changing EVOLutionaries, shine Light of higher awareness on these natural and rare EVOLutionary times. Click iRadio Presents at also on iTunes at


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