7 Day Journey with Coco Fossland

This week, I have the extraordinary Doreen Agostino guest blogging on the WorldChangingBusiness blog…

Meet Doreen…

Message From Doreen:

Early 2009, I was InCouraged to blend decades of research, study, modern physics, deep spiritual truth, inner net exploration and experience, with the outer world of business. When Coco Fossland appeared on my radar screen, intuitively I knew that working with Coco was my next step, so I joined Coco’s WorldChangingWealth program.

Coco’s authenticity, marketing skills and ability to mentor clients from the inside out, is unparalleled. With the support of Coco and our team, I strayed beyond my comfort zone to organize and host a 6 week Tele-$ummit with 2 WCW team members. Together with 9 other world changing EVOLutionaries, we gently and lovingly planted seeds of new awareness, for listeners to ‘Turn Hard Times into the Best of Times’.

Embracing fear, nurturing my BodyMindSoul, leveraging Coco’s Insight and marketing brilliance, influenced resources showing up easily. June 2009 a dream came true, when I was invited to host an Internet radio show on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Network, a Visionary Transformational channel. August 19.09, Coco Fossland was my first guest on Align Shine Prosper, which expanded to include leading edge physicists, scientists, doctors and world changing EVOLutionaries, sharing the closest approximation of truth to smooth transition as we pass through this natural Shift of the Ages.

Feb 2010, I published my first mini book entitled, ‘So You Think You’re Awake?’ to spark higher awareness for individuals ready to awaken, beyond illusions and the dream about what we are not, as we journey into the Heart of a New World Age. Thank you Coco and WCW team!

More About Doreen

In the mid eighties, Doreen Agostino’s quest for authentic truth opened doors to leading edge physics, science, deep spiritual truth and radical new perceptions of materialism – the world of physical form. HeartMind wide open, Doreen trail blazed unchartered territory – the nonmaterial realm of Infinite Light, best described as Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy scientifically and Unconditional Love spiritually. Sages and leading edge physicists now agree, that Infinite Light, is all there is. Underlying all reality there is no form, only possibilities.

In 2007, instead of prescribed radiation and chemotherapy, Doreen aligned BodyMindSoul to success-fully restore her biology from cancer.

Decades of asking, ‘Whose truth is this anyway’ and this natural Shift of the Ages, sparked Doreen to write a book beyond her conditioned mind entitled So You Think You’re Awake?, Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed. In her mini book, Doreen blends modern physics, science, ageless wisdom and personal experience into 32 easy to read pages, for busy people to journey into higher awareness and victoriously influence a New World Age. For more information click The Book at http://freetobewealthy.net

Certified in 2nd Degree Reiki, Holodynamics, Silva Method Grad, author, mentor and international Internet radio host, Doreen InCourages individuals to align with Heart centered Inner Truth and awaken one BodyMindSoul within and everyONE, to joy-fully and victoriously EVOLve a new Era of Heart. A change of heart changes every-one, every-thing, every-where, every-when.

Doreen is a member of the: Institute of Noetic Sciences bridging science and spirit; Institute of Heart Math researching heart-mind interaction toward heart based living and Global Coherence Project uniting people in focused intention, to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to cooperation, harmony and enduring peace. More at http://glcoherence.org


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