The Results Of My Passion Test

I have been filling myself up lately with all kinds of support and inspiration from people I love….

It’s actually quite unusual for me to be enrolled in so many programs. I am very selective and sparing about what I commit to, but these all have felt fun, light, and deeply transformational to me in a myriad of ways.

My session yesterday with Dan Hanneman was  wonderful! I  wanted to share with you the results of my Passion Test! 🙂

The Passion Test, is a wonderful book by Janet and Chris Atwood. It’s a quick, fun read, if you haven’t read it.  In a couple of hours, you too can complete the Passion Test.  The book provides yet another way to study and integrate the power of manifestation into your bones.

It prescribes a wonderfully simple manifestation method where you…

  • First, set your INTENTION, and through the process of taking the Passion Test, discover the 5 things you most desire
  • Second, activate your ATTENTION on those specific desires in a focused, meaningful way, which naturally starts to bring your desires into your experience (often through small ways initially)
  • Third, move towards NO TENSION where you let go of the ongoing question of “how” and practice the art of staying open to what appears each moment

Dan led me through the first step of setting my top 5 intentions, or passions. He walked me through a beautiful process where I first, before our call together, created a long list of all the things I love.  He asked me to complete this sentence…

“When my life is ideal, I am…____________”

My list grew quickly to over 20 items.  And then, using a very specific, and surprising, process described in the book, I set out to identify my top passions.  Out of the 20+ items, I boiled my list down to seven key passions.

I dutifully sent my list of seven off to Dan in preparation for our call together.  On our  call yesterday, Dan walked me through a deep process of inquiry to help bring to surface which of these top 7, were my top 5, and in what specific order of priority.  He also helped me to simplify each passion into 3-6 words or less.

Here are the results of my Passion Test…

  1. Being in a loving marriage
  2. Plenty of time to myself
  3. Wealth for me and my family
  4. Opportunities for thousands to self-generate prosperity
  5. Joy of building successful business(es)
  6. Globally respected network of business leaders

I must say, I didn’t expect my passions to come out quite the way they did. I didn’t expect my need for time to myself to come so close to the top of my list! Wow, was that surprising!  I also was fascinated seeing how my top passions were really less about the larger world, and more about my intimate, personal world.  (WorldChanging for me seems to have less than I thought about the larger world.) I was surprised to see how much I truly want for me and for myself — wealth, success, time.  And that my desire to give to the larger world is truly there, but it comes a clear second to meeting my own needs.

I had the hardest time deciding between #4 and #5.  I’ve listed them in the order they came out yesterday with Dan, with my passion for creating opportunities for thousand coming before my passion for a building successful business(es).  Though today, to be totally honest, I feel a much greater passion for my own success, rather than the success of others.

Whoooooooooa… the truth is sometimes selfish.

But all this inquiry is incredibly valuable to me. And Dan was masterful in helping me identify the real truth.  This is helping me see exactly what I need in order to have ALL my passions manifest.

Here’s what I am learning…

  • When I prioritize my behaviors and attentions in a way that is out of alignment with the priority of passions, resistance and TENSION arise. (Fascinating!)
  • And when my behaviors and attentions are aligned with the priority of my passions, there is NO TENSION at all. I have what I need and the possibility arises for me to have ALL of my passions manifest.

And I had to stray from the pack by including a 6th passion, which interestingly, being a part of a globally respected network of enlightened business leaders has been a longly held vision of mine.  It keeps coming back again and again, but without any real feelings of immediacy or urgency to do anything about it.  I’m realizing that it is a longer term picture that will unfold in its own time, and likely, in very unexpected ways.

I’m seeing that the key is to follow my passions as they exist today.  Right now. And to be willing to re-inquire within about anything that seems to be shifting in my passions.  Dan explained that it’s a good idea to do the Passion Test every 4-6 moths, as over time, our passions to shift so some degree.

So… now that I’ve set my INTENTIONS, or passions, I am moving along into the step of ATTENTION.

For raising my attention to these intentions, Dan recommended that I write the complete list of my intentions on several index cards, which I can place strategically around the house… my bathroom mirror, my desk, on my computer, on the refrigerator, in my wallet, etc…

And in two weeks, I’ll have another session with Dan, where he will help me identify “Markers” (sort of like goals) that go along with each of my passions.

And also on our follow up call, doing what he “The Blockbuster” does best, Dan will help me clear away any resistance I have about my new intentions.  This will further lead to ‘step 3 – NO TENSION.’

As I write out my passions today on my index cards and place them strategically about my home and environment, I thought I’d invite you to come along for the ride!  I’d love to hear your Passion List, or anything else you’d like to share out of this conversation.  Just click “reply” below! 🙂

If you would like to take the Passion Test with Dan, I encourage you to reach out to him today at


4 Responses to “The Results Of My Passion Test”

  1. Dan Hanneman Says:

    Hi Coco,

    I loved doing the Passion Test with you. It is always a delight to be present with you along the path of your journey 🙂

    Love & Blessings,


  2. Ami Hubbard Says:

    Hi Coco,

    This is the first time I have been to your blog. I must say, what a pleasant surprise! I believe discovering your passion is the single most important thing we can do in life. I especially like the part about busting through our own resistance-this where most of us could use some help.

    Thank you,


  3. Lynden Says:

    Hi Coco,
    I have recently come upon the Passion Test & was taken through it by Ruth Donald, here in Australia. It was an amazing process & loved it – except I didn’t feel like my #1 was something I was passionate about. I talked it over extensivley with Ruth and realised that I allowed my head to get in the way, rather than dropping into my heart. I am very happy with my 2nd test results and am going forward in leaps and bounds – miracles are popping up everywhere. It’s fantastic. I can’t wait for the book to arrive.
    Thanks for your blog.

  4. Tutoring Says:


    […]The Results Of My Passion Test « WorldChangingBusiness Blog[…]…

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