Tending To Self-Worth An Unexpected Place… My Closet!

Oh what a delight it is to be with you at this moment. Thank you for stopping by to connect.  It means the world to me.

Did you come to the call with Sue Rasmussen last week? We discussed the connection between CLUTTER and SUCCESS.  If you didn’t make the call, don’t worry, Sue recorded it for you here… www.unclutter-organize-transform.com/teleclass-coco.html

As a result of the call, I decided to commit to yet another year of un-cluttering.  I joined Sue’s Streamline Your Success Program(Yay for me!!) For the next 12 months, I’ll be continuing my quest to clear away everything that keeps me from being the highest and most joyful expression of me.

I wanted to blog today because I am bubbling over with excitement!  I  am starting my 12-month journey with Sue today.  And this month is dedicated to “Clearing Your Closet.” But it’s SO much more fun than it sounds.  Today is our first call (in a series of 4 1-hour calls) this month, and I just reviewed the preparation materials Sue sent out.  I am OVER THE MOON excited about them.

From the preparation forms Sue sent, here’s what seems to be on the agenda today…

  1. What are my style ruts?
  2. What are the home items I love?
  3. What clothes do I love?
  4. What images do I love?
  5. What details do I love?
  6. What are my favorite “Style Words”?

This is SO much better than just cleaning my closet!!

And if I know Sue, there’s a lot more to these questions than meet the eye.  I can’t wait to see what I will discover within myself through today’s call.

I am so excited to delve into this aspect of my life. I personally love to dress and feel good.  I find that how I dress — as an extension of how I care for myself — is a powerful form of self-expression, as well as self-love.  I was just writing in my journal yesterday how important “dressing for the role” I am choosing to live, really is.  In my case, I’ve recently decided to dress, act, and behave like a woman who thoroughly enjoys being who she is.  I have literally set the intention that when I go out into the world, how I present myself will literally inspire people to have that thought… “Now there goes a woman in love with life.”

It’s less about other people perceiving me this way, and more about me perceiving myself this way.  And the truth is, I do love life, and in particular, MY life.  I’ve got it made in so many ways I can hardly take it all in. And yet, I find myself, even after YEARS of inner work, it’s still easy to lose sight of all the gratitude I feel when I’m aware, awake, and conscious.

And that’s why dressing like a woman in love with her life is key!

Dressing like this woman reminds me to BE this woman.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that tending to my self-worth is a key area of my own personal journey. Self-worthiness indeed starts as an inside job.  But the physical world becomes the playground in which demonstrating the experience of self-worth can happen.  And how we care for our physical bodies, groom ourselves, and clothe ourselves has everything to do with our inner experience of self-worth.

Soooo….. today with Sue, as we cover the FUN, DELIGHTFUL, and JOYFUL subject of dressing and style…. I will know that what I’m really doing is tending to and cultivating self-worth.

I will be creating a new entry-way into the experience of being a woman who LOVES her life.

This makes me want to dance! Hey, maybe I will!  Because picking adornments for my body to wear is such a fun and unexpected way to creep into the sometimes serious and often heavy corridors of self-worth.

Anyway, thought I’d pass the thought along.  Perhaps you too could invest an extra30 minutes today to considering the way you dress (or adorn, as I like to call it) yourself.  Allow it to be a fun, delightful experience that brings about a conscious experience of self-worth and self-love.

And if you want to join the call with Sue and me today, feel free to come sign up for the call!


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