Day 6 – Wear What You Love

Sue Rasmussen is my guest blogging this week for the 7-Day Un-clutter Countdown.


Six days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over these seven days, leading up to our call, we are right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.

WARNING: Some of these tips might seem trivial, even superficial, but don’t be fooled.  Deep beneath these simple, and very doable exercises lies the potential for incredible transformation.  Just because it doesn’t seem deep, doesn’t mean that it is.  Trust me.

Here is today’s un-cluttering tip from Sue Rasmussen

I must confess.

I don’t read Vogue. Or In Style magazine. (OK, at least not that often…unless I’m at the salon. Or on vacation.)

I’m not all that interested in having Carrie Bradshaw’s clothes.

However, I AM a real woman, with real wardrobe needs – and I want to absolutely LOVE everything in my closet.

Sounds kind of obvious, right?

Here’s the thing.

In the closets of most women, you will find the following:

  • clothes you used to love at one time
  • clothes that used to fit
  • clothes you wanted to fit, but never did
  • clothes that don’t flatter your body type
  • clothes that you hope to wear when you finally lose that last 10 pounds (yes, I know you’ve been working on that for a couple of years…me, too)
  • clothes you bought just because they were on sale
  • clothes that still have the price tags on them
  • clothes that used to be part of an outfit (that no longer go with anything in your closet)
  • clothes the salesperson convinced you were ‘perfect for you’
  • clothes your friends convinced you were ‘perfect for you’
  • clothes you got as a gift
  • clothes in the wrong colors for you, that you never feel great wearing
  • lots of clothes, but when you get invited to a last-minute party, or to a wedding, or to a meeting with a special client (or an interview on TV), you rush frantically to get to the store and find something that ‘will do’

and, last but not least:

  • a few tried and true beloved clothes that you actually WEAR – day in and day out

Right?  🙂

The truth is, most of us wear only about 20% of what is in our closets.

And the rest?

Mostly clutter. Yep, even if it was expensive or is still in perfectly good shape.

All those other clothes are making you feel bad. They are making you feel guilty. They are draining your energy, one thread at a time (bet you didn’t know THAT!)

If you’re not wearing your clothes regularly and loving them fully, let them go and create more space in your closet and in your life.

And wear only what you really, truly love.


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