Day 7… Edit Your Closet

Sue Rasmussen is my guest blogging this week for the 7-Day Un-clutter Countdown.


Seven days from now (February 10th), Sue and I will be hosting a powerful, transformative call helping you become aware of the RESISTANCE clutter is creating in your goals and manifestations.


Call Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Call Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST, 12 PM (noon) EST

F*R*E*E* Registration here!


Over the next seven days, leading up to our call, we will be right here on my blog giving you daily un-clutter tips to help you reclaim energy, power, and clarity.

WARNING: Some of these tips might seem trivial, even superficial, but don’t be fooled.  Deep beneath these simple, and very doable exercises lies the potential for incredible transformation.  Just because it doesn’t seem deep, doesn’t mean that it is.  Trust me.

Here is today’s un-cluttering tip from Sue Rasmussen

I love the word edit, don’t you?

(Probably because it reminds me of reading and writing and I love both of them, but I’m getting off topic here…)

Your closet, just like the first draft of the newest novel by John Grisham, could probably use a tiny little bit (or maybe a LOT) of editing.

Here’s my fancy-schmancy definition of editing your closet:

Clear out all the stuff

that is getting in the way

of you looking and feeling your very best right now

(no, not 10 pounds from now)

and get rid of it.

All of it.

Yes, I mean it.

Anything less is doing yourself a huge disservice.

Your closet is where you start each day. It’s where you get your first sense of who you are presenting to the world, and who you are presenting to yourself.

You simply can’t be your best if you don’t feel great about what you are wearing.

It’s like having a bad hair day, and you know what that feels like (we ALL do).

Most closets have about 10-20% of clothes and accessories that you actually wear, and the rest sits in there gathering dust and taking up space.

And keeping all the rest of the stuff that you’re not using creates the illusion that you have a full wardrobe that will take you anywhere you need to go, even when it isn’t true.

So here’s how you edit your closet:

1. Take out everything that doesn’t fit the body you have right at this moment. You’re not wearing that stuff right now anyway, so it doesn’t belong in your closet. (And you’ll never, ever, ever convince me that it’s motivating to have smaller clothes in your closet to keep you on your diet, so don’t even try.)

2.  Next take out everything that is worn out, out of style, you never liked anyway, and that doesn’t flatter you. You deserve to have every single thing in your closet delight you (remember last week’s article?)

3. Look at what’s left. What? You only have THREE things left in there?!?

Good. Now you know what you have actually been wearing (even when you spend 15 minutes in the morning trying to decide what to wear). And imagine how easy it will be to keep three things organized.

4. Go and get yourself matching hangers for your three lovely items. I prefer the white tubular hangers because you can always find more of them when you need more and they don’t take up nearly as much room as wooden hangers (although you don’t have that problem now that you only have three things in your closet, do you?)

5. Vacuum out all the dust bunnies you knew were in there but hadn’t been able to see for the forest of clothes that needed to be edited.

6. Enjoy your clean, cleared-out, beautifully edited closet…preferably with wine and dark chocolate.

And wear only what you really, truly love.


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