Day 4 – A Daily Love Affair Ritual

As you may have read on my last blog entry, my Manifestation Guide this week, Oprah, gave me clear instructions to create a “Daily Love Affair Ritual.”

So here it is!

Every day I…

  • Light a candle in my bathroom
  • Set and intention for the day
  • Look in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful
  • Wash my face with my favorite facial cleanser, Gel Netoyant by Yonka
  • Apply my favorite facial moisturizer, Frutelia by Yonka
  • Brush my hair sensuously
  • Gently apply lipstick (and if I like, any other makeup that will feel good on my skin)
  • Mist on Coco Chanel Perfume (it actually is my favorite)
  • Wink and blow myself a kiss in the mirror before wishing myself a glorious day

While this may not seem like much.  For me, this small ritual means the world. It’s a mini retreat that puts me first.  As a mother who works from home, I often find that days go by without my taking the time to put on makeup or give my appearance much attention.  But appearance matters to me.  The way I look deeply affects how I feel.  And when I look in the mirror and see disheveled hair and a tired face, I don’t exactly feel like jumping up and down about being me.  But even a touch of lipstick makes all the difference.

I observe that I always put my best foot forward when it comes to being with others. I love taking the time to look beautiful.  It’s interesting that I only indulge in my own beauty for others.  It seems that what Oprah was saying about “shining my light for others” shows up in lots of ways in my life.  I am reminded again of her calm and powerful guidance:  “Bathe yourself in your own light.” I’m seeing that my beauty is a form of my light.

I am just noticing another pre-baby habit that would serve me again now… I used to do a Weekly Beauty Ritual where I would get my nails done and my hair washed and blow-dryed every week.  I became less consistent with it after Ella.  Why??  Well, at first it was the old money excuse… because after she was born I wasn’t working and therefore, how could I possibly deserve pretty hair and toes? — Even though my husband encouraged me to do it.  But later after I started working again, I still didn’t bring back my weekly beauty ritual.  Wanna hear my crazy logic for why not?  This time it was another money excuse… because I shouldn’t spend time getting my hair done while Ella is with the nanny.  I should only spend money on a nanny when I am busy making money… It’s becoming more and more clear why Money showed up as my Life School during my inner visualization exercise on Monday.

So, I hereby declare my new commitments!!

#1 – I commit to my Daily Love Affair Ritual written above

#2 – I commit to my Weekly Beauty Ritual, where I get my hair and nails done weekly

I’m just noticing some judgment come up as I write,  so I’ll share it.  I heard my inner critic say, “You’re awfully absorbed in your appearance?  Aren’t you being a little shallow?” But right on the heels was another voice — a calm and loving voice that said, “Now Coco, you know this is just the first step.  You can’t begin to know the depths of how these simple practices serve you.” … So with that calm, loving voice in my head… I’m off to attend to my Daily Love Affair Ritual… 🙂

BIG love,


I hope you enjoyed reading about my first day on the journey.  Thank you for listening!

If you would like to join me, and take a journey of your own to the depths of your being, sign up at


2 Responses to “Day 4 – A Daily Love Affair Ritual”

  1. Robert Ruff Says:

    I loved this. You are definitely beutiful inside and out. Keep it up! I acknowledge you for not waiting for someone else to love you. Love yourself first. Others will follow.

  2. Ruthie Says:

    Wow, well done for back-chatting to the negative voice! I’m practicing that at the moment and it can be very challenging! If something makes you feel good, then it isn’t really shallow is it? If it means you feel better and are nicer to people around you, that’s quite profound:).
    So kudos and keep up the good work!

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