1 Day Remaining… The Law of Receiving

We’re counting down days to the launch of the brand new Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse. Each day between now and launch date – August 28th – I am revealing one of the 10 Laws of Creation, which you can utilize right away to discover the hidden power of the universe living within you.

Today we land on the Law of Receiving.


The Law of Receiving states that every time you make a decision to do something, you receive what you need when you decide you need it.  Not before.





As humans, we seem to on a constant quest to get what we want. We want to get money.  We want to get attention.  We want to get approval.  We want to get a nicer home.  We want to get a nicer car.  We always want to get.

We experience lack and thus, we want to get something to fill that lack. This is the human experience of receiving.

From a purely human perspective, we receive that which we do not already have. We long to receive what we lack.  Receiving is applied to situations of lack.  The very purpose of receiving is to fill a lack.

The human perspective would then take that lack and look for someone or something else to fill it.  Thus, receiving from the human lens appears as someone giving something to you.  Or a gift landing in your lap.  Or a lottery ticket with the winning numbers.

But this is not the spiritual experience of receiving.  And during the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, we explore in detail, the spiritual intentions behind receiving.

As I’ve said before, all the Laws of Creation are designed to help you restore your perception and access to the unlimited power available to you.  The Law of Receiving is no exception.

The first step to discovering the higher, divine perspective around receiving, I invite you to try this very simple practice all day:

  • Throughout your day, ask yourself, “How is Spirit feeding me love right now?” Allow the answers to come to you.  As we will explore in detail in the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, every single event, circumstance, person, conversation, and challenge you encounter is feeding you love.  However, because of our limited, human perspective, we don’t see it.  Allow yourself to cultivate this new, divine perspective of love all around all day.
  • At the end of the day, take a few minutes to journal on what you discovered through your day.  Write down at least 10 specific moments you felt the presence of love being fed to you.


What you will discover through practicing the Law of Receiving in the Manifestation Mastery Journey (www.ManifestationMastery.net)…

  • Distinguish the difference between “receiving” and “getting” and discover how we are most of the time trying to get, and this very intention moves us away from our desire
  • Discover the Divine Perspective of Receiving, which removes us from any perceptions whatsoever of lack
  • While we might think that the purpose of receive something is to “get” something we don’t have, our Spiritual Self sees “receiving” in a completely different way
  • Discover the Architecture of Experience and how our experience relates to manifesting what we desire
  • Learn how receiving is meant to activate an experience of something powerfully positive into the moments of our lives
  • Learn how every physical world desire we have is a feeling within us that longs to be activated
  • Discover how receiving is the place where the feeling world and the physical world intersect, and why understanding this helps you manifest more of what you desire

And don’t forget the 10 Day Count Down Contest!

Who would you like to nominate today?  Who is someone who actively allows good things to come to her and her life?  Who is manifesting a beautiful life all around?  Who do you know sees themselves as abundant and plentiful??

Make your nomination here.

Thank you for reading!

BIG love,

P.S. Don’t forget! The Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram launches TOMORROW – Friday, August 28th.  Don’t miss it!!  www.ManifestationMastery.net


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