[WorldChanging] 2 Days and Counting… The Law of Giving

We’re counting down days to the launch of the brand new Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse. Each day between now and launch date – August 28th – I am revealing one of the 10 Laws of Creation, which you can utilize right away to discover the hidden power of the universe living within you.

Today we land on the Law of Giving.


The Law of Giving states that when you give with an open heart, both the giver and the receiver end up with more than they started with.





Most people think they are giving, when actually, they are trading.

Think about it.  Beneath the act of giving (time, money, resources, friendship, affection, listening), there resides an unspoken intention to receive something back.  There is nothing inherently wrong with giving to someone else with the expectation of receiving something in exchange.  However, this form of “giving” isn’t really “giving.”  It’s actually trading.  And while there is nothing wrong with trading, it is separate and distinct from true giving.

Trading does not contain the powerful metaphysical properties that true giving has.

Thus, if you would like to experience the power and majesty of true giving — you want to witness giving that leads to both the giver and receiver ending up with more that they started with — I invite you to practice true giving.

When you give with an open heart, and without an expectations of anything coming back to you, you move into the rich and powerful practice of giving.  In the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, we explore how giving, in its highest spiritual context, is a powerful act of self-love that spills over to others.

The first step to practicing true giving is to become aware of your own motivations behind giving.

To discover this awareness, I invite you to ask yourself these three questions every time you feel inclined to “give” today:

  1. What are my motivations for giving at this moment?
  2. Can I give up these motivations and still feel a true desire to give?
  3. What do I choose to do?  Trade? Give? Do Nothing?

Here’s how these questions work…

Today, as you go through your day, notice all the moments you feel inclined to give.  Ask yourself the first question, “What are my motivations for giving? From where in my being is the impulse to give coming from? In choosing to give, is there an unspoken exchange I hope the receive will give to me now or in the future?

Allow yourself to see why you are giving.  Are you giving because you hope they will return the favor? So you can feel like a good person? So you won’t feel selfish? So they will like you?  So they will be nice to you? So you will look good?  So you can prove something to yourself or others? So they will take your side? So they will allow you to do something you want to do?  So they will love you?  So they won’t leave you?  So they will accept you?  So you can feel superior in some way?  What are all the reasons you might give to this person??

The practice isn’t intended to make you feel bad about yourself or your unspoken desires.  It’s simply to help expose them — so you can really see what’s going on.  So you can honor directly the desires you have.

Next, after you have explored your motivations for giving, ask yourself, “Can I give up these motivations and still feel a desire to give?  Am I willing to give — and it would still feel good to give — even if I won’t receive back any of the things I might have hoped?”

Here is where you have to be honest with yourself.  Can you give with true desire?  This means giving without sacrifice?  Giving with a true, full heart?

This second question will help you see clearly whether you are open to true giving, or whether this particular act of giving is really trading.

Finally, decide for yourself what you want to do.  Ask yourself, What do I choose to do?  Trade? Give? Do Nothing?

This third question allows you to make a powerful decision.  You may discover that in your truth, giving to the person really would only feel good with strings attached — it only would feel good to you if you knew it was a trade where you give in exchange for something else.  That’s fine.  Choose to trade.  There is nothing wrong with trading.  The important thing is to be clear with yourself — and with the other person — what your exchange is about.

On the other hand, you may discover that you do long to give for no reason other than to give.  Giving would feel really good to you.  It might even feel fun, expressive, or exciting to you in some way.  Through this inquiry, you may unveil a part of you that can release expectations of receiving something in return, and reveal a rare opportunity to move powerfully into “true giving.”

True giving can only happen when whatever is required in the give feels totally good to you. It feels like an act of love, first to yourself, and as a byproduct, it feels like an act of love to the receiver.

By using these questions, you will probably discover that most (if not all) your giving isn’t really giving.  It’s trading. Exposing this, will give you the opportunity to see if the opportunity to practice true giving exists with a given circumstance. 

Either way, the third question allows you to make a conscious choice: To trade?  To give? To do nothing?

True giving, at least at the beginning of your practice, will probably feel rare.  And that’s okay.  This first step of awareness allows you to cultivate a space where the richness of true giving can blossom.  And the powers of the Law of Giving can transform your life.


What you will discover through practicing the Law of Giving in the Manifestation Mastery Journey (www.ManifestationMastery.net)…

  • Discover the “Human Lens” of giving and how that varies from the way Spirit sees giving
  • Find out the difference between giving and “trading” and “martyrdom”
  • Learn how giving is actually intended to be a gift to YOU, the giver; and less so the receiver
  • Find out the connection between giving to others and creating a profound bond of self-love with yourself
  • Reveal the deep, unspoken fears of giving – the fears that no one talks about and ultimately keeps us from full, open-hearted giving
  • Discover the power of “Self-Giving” and the seven specific elements needed most by your spirit.  When you are filled with these seven things, which only you can give to you, at that moment, it becomes possible for you to truly give to others
  • Learn the four powerful steps of Powerful Giving
  • Discover the three things that when you give them, will bring you and the receive the most powerful openings into success, fulfillment, and total prosperity possible

And don’t forget the 10 Day Count Down Contest!

Who would you like to nominate today?  Who do you know that gives with an open heart? Who is generous in love and spirit?  Whose being-ness alone is a gift to you?

Make your nomination here.

Thank you for reading!

BIG love,

P.S. Don’t forget! The Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram launches Friday, August 28th.  Don’t miss it!!  www.ManifestationMastery.net


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