4 Days and Counting… The Law of Thinking

We’re counting down days to the launch of the brand new Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse. Each day between now and launch date – August 28th – I am revealing one of the 10 Laws of Creation, which you can utilize right away to discover the hidden power of the universe living within you.

Today we land on the Law of Thinking.


The Law of Thinking states that your power to manifest is limited by only one thing:  your thinking.

Beyond that, your manifestation power is unlimited.






Once you tap into desire, the next step to manifesting this new desire is to look at your thinking. Remember that we live in a Thinking Universe, and therefore all creation begins with thought.

This means that the creation of everything in your life began with YOUR thought. Your thought created it all.  Now, as we discover in much greater detail in the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, most of your thoughts are “unconscious.”  Thus most of what you create comes from a part of you that you are not aware exists.

Thus, in order to harness the power which resides inside the Law of Thinking, we must learn to discover awareness of our unconscious thoughts, and then re-train our unconscious thoughts to support the manifestation of our desires.

Complete power of your entire world lives at the center of something you have supreme power over:  your thinking. The Law of Thinking teaches us how to master this power.

Digest that the ONLY thing stopping you from having all that you desire is therefore, YOUR THOUGHT. It’s not your education, age, experience, the economy, or anything else.  What you create and don’t create all comes down to one thing:  YOUR THOUGHT.

The first step of mastering the Law of Thinking is to transform your limited thinking through awareness. One way to help you step into a heightened state of awareness of your thinking can be achieved by answering these two questions:

  1. What is something you deeply desire?
  2. What do you have to do, be, and have, in order to manifest this desire? List all the things you think you will have to do, be, and have in order to manifest your desire.  Write down everything that comes to you.  Sometimes some of the things on your list might even contradict one another.  That’s okay.  The idea is simply to create a laundry list of all your thinking about what is needed (or what you sometimes think is needed) to complete your manifestation.

Whatever you wrote down for #2 is the bridge you will have to cross in order to manifest your desire.

However, if your thoughts were truly different about what is necessary for you to do, be, and have your desire — if your thoughts said that “all I have to do is open my front door and it will be there,” then that would be the bridge you would need to cross in order to manifest your desire.

The bridge to your desire is determined by you and your thinking.

To alter what is required for you to manifest your desire, all you need to do is transform your thinking. (I know, sounds simple.  Sometimes it really is.)

The purpose of this exercise is to expose your thinking, particularly the weighty, heavy thoughts that require you to struggle and be something you’re not, in order to fulfill your desire. And to see if you can release any of that thinking.  Sometimes all it requires is your presence to say, “That’s a ridiculous assumption!  Of course I don’t have to have a Harvard MBA before I can be successful in business!  Plenty of people are successful without an MBA from Harvard, and so can I!”

The next step is to reinforce new thinking throughout your day.  Whenever the old thought pops up and says, “Well maybe I should just give up because I don’t know how,” or “Maybe I should apply to business school,” or whatever — stop yourself!  Remind yourself that you’re buying into the old thinking, and you don’t have to!  YOU get to choose your thinking! 

BONUS EXERCISE: To contrast the list from #2 above, where you listed all the things you think you have to do, be, and have, in order to fulfill your desire, create a new list of what you WISH was on the bridge to your desire. If you got to choose (and the crazy thing is that you do) what you would have to do, be, and have in order to fulfill your desire — and you could make the list as simple, easy, and as enjoyable as you like — what would you put on the list?  If you were living from power, faith, and delight, how would you manifest your desire?  Who would you need to be, what would you need to do, and what would you need to have then?

In the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, we will take the next steps that allow you to fully transform your thinking, so that the bridge you are required to cross to whatever desire you have, can become according to your wishes and desires.  It can be grounded in your power, faith, and delight, rather than your fear, uncertainty, and limitations.


What you will discover through practicing the Law of Thinking in the Manifestation Mastery Journey…

  • Learn the surprising black and white predictor of your success
  • Discover the recipe of “crossing the gap” between where you are and where you want your life to be
  • Meet and discover the power of your “Un-Believing Self” and find out the wisdom and gifts you can learn from this unlikely part of you
  • Learn how to upgrade your thinking to support living a life filled with love, power, and possibility
  • Distinguish the difference between “Accurate Thinking” versus “Polar Thinking” and why the Manifestation Master chooses to think accurately
  • Learn the specific method of taking your power back from limited thinking
  • Learn the art of “choosing true thought”

And don’t forget the 10 Day Count Down Contest!

Who would you like to nominate today?  Who challenges your thinking?  Opens your eyes to new thought?  Brings new doors of perception into your world??

Make your nomination here.

Thank you for reading!

BIG love,

P.S. Don’t forget! The Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram launches Friday, August 28th.  Don’t miss it!!  www.ManifestationMastery.net


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