7 Days and Counting… The Law of Wisdom

We’re counting down days to the launch of the brand new Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse. Each day between now and launch date – August 28th – I am revealing each of the 10 Laws of Creation, which you can utilize right away to discover the hidden power of the universe living within you.

Today we land on the Law of Wisdom.


The Law of Wisdom states that your Authentic Path is revealed one step at a time.  Spirit provides everything needed to take the next step.





In 2003, I set out on a personal journey to discover and know my inner wisdom. I committed to going inside and inviting a powerful guide to come visit me.  Sometimes an angel would appear.  Other times the face of a Buddha.  Other times a goddess.  Many times it was my own personal image of what God looks like.  I would then ask them for guidance, and allow myself to hear their voice of wisdom.  Sometimes their messages would be detailed and specific.  Other times, they would convey more of a feeling or an image.  I learned to know and understand that Spirit speaks in all sorts of ways.  All beautiful and perfect for the moment.

I would always ask my guides for a specific action — something tangible I could do that day in the physical world. The reason is so that I could integrate their wisdom into my physical life.  I learned that until I took the recommended action, that the wisdom given to me was only theory.  Through taking the action, the theory transformed into my personal experience — my Truth.

Taking the actions given to me by my inner guides transformed my entire life — and continues to do so today.  There is no more direct, potent form of self-transformation and self-empowerment than following the specific guidance from your inner guides in the physical world.

As I connected with my guides, I would sit with a journal at might side and write down the messages I received.  This act of journaling helped me proces the wisdom in the moment, as well as remind me in the future of the wealth of wisdom that lives inside me.

I invite you to bring your journal and take yourself inside right now, just as I have done now thousands of times over the past seven years.  Invite a wise guide to visit you. And when you feel their presence, and ask them the questions below.  Write down what ever comes to you — even if you feel like you’re making it all up.  Whatever you write down will be perfect.

  1. Why have you come to me today?
  2. What is the wisdom you’d like to offer me?
  3. What thought would you like me to surrender?  What thought is keeping me stuck in pain and suffering?
  4. What gift can I give to myself today to alieve my suffering and bring new light?
  5. What is the gift I can give to others to share with them my light?
  6. What is a specific action I can take today to live my higher path?
  7. Is there anything else you’d like to convey to me right now?

Thank them for sharing their incredible wisdom, and allow them to return to their place in your psyche where you can access them, and their wisdom, any time you like.

Afterwards, take a moment to breathe, process, and read through the notes you took from your journey inward.

During the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram, you will learn how to access your inner wisdom. I will lead you through ten rich inner journeys.  Through these Inner Rituals, you will discover the specific ways that Spirit (or your Higher Self) wishes for you to integrate each of the 10 Laws of Creation.

I invite you to share the wisdom you discover from doing the exercise above by replying to this entry below.


What you will discover through practicing the Law of Wisdom in the Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram

  • Discover the specific properties of our “Thinking Universe” and how all creation begins with thought
  • Understand the primary reason why we struggle to create what we want, and learn the remedy to this challenge
  • Learn the specific fear that keeps every human being from success, and begin using a specific exercise that will counter this fear and bring strength, power, and ease to your life
  • Discover how to trust yourself no matter what
  • Integrate the Eight Attributes of Wisdom, learning the exact nature and properties of wisdom – showing you how to access it, how to recognize it, and how to utilize it in your life
  • Learn the Eight Myths of Wisdom that keep us trapped from living from our fear rather than our faith

And don’t forget the 10 Day Count Down Contest!

Who would you like to nominate today?  Who lives by their inner wisdom? Who follows their own path?  Who is someone whose presence inspires your own wisdom to come out and play?

Make your nomination here.

Thank you for reading!

BIG love,


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