10 Day Count Down Contest

In case you haven’t heard, a spontaneous manifestation out of the 3-Month Simplicity Experiment is the August 28th launch of the new Manifestation Mastery Journey eProgram!

Leading up to the launch of the program, I am hosting a 10 Day Count Down Contest!

Here’s how the contest works…  I invite you to reply below to this blog nominating someone else to receive this program as a gift.

  • Who would you would like to honor?
  • Is there someone you know would love to receive this program?
  • Is there someone you’d like to make sure is acknowledged for their presence in your life?  –Maybe for their generosity, their contributions, their incredible manifesting power, their ability to overcome challenge, or whatever reason you feel called to honor them.

On launch day, August 28th, an entry will be selected and BOTH the person who made the nomination and the person nominated will receive the Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse for F*R*E*E!!
Right now… who would you like to nominate? And why?  What inspires you about them? What do you admire?  Submit your nomination below.


28 Responses to “10 Day Count Down Contest”

  1. Kathleen Hancox Izzo Says:

    Hi Coco,

    I’d love to nominate Sheila Finkelstein to receive your program. I initially met Sheila through one of your programs a few years ago and we have kept in touch ever since. Sheila is my “go to” person whenever I need a contact, a helping hand, or computer help. She has been incredibly generous with her time, her support, and her breadth of knowledge always blows me away. So, I acknowledge her, thank her for her generosity, and nominate her to receive your Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse! Your course, like all that you do, sounds exciting!

    Many thanks,


  2. Karen Wythe Says:

    Hi Coco,

    I would like to nominate Marifran Korb to receive Manifestation Journey ecourse.. Her ongoing work, dilligence and support with and for the World Hunger Project shows her intention to make the world a better place…

    She and I get together in a weekly accountability call where we place our intentions as Manifestors for the week… She inspires me by her zest for life and her adventurous spirit that is so willing to take on new challenges and to tread in unknown places. She forges a way for others to learn and grow with laughter and joy in her heart.

    She has written a book and a work book that helps others overcome the problems in their life. She uses her life story as a tool for growth and transformation; not just for herself but for others who choose to grow from it. She is true to the growth of her relationship coaching business Soulfulsolutions.com. Marifran always learning new things and taking on new challenges, even those of technology and creative change. And yet she is always there ready to be there for other people in her life.

    Marifran is a person willing to trail-blaze a new path for humanity, She proves it by her actions and incredible daring spirit.

    I can see her fulfilling the three primary objectives of the Journey.

    1. By discovering the hidden power of the universe through the 10 Laws of Creation she will create what she desires with grace and ease.

    2. And I believe she can transform her manifesting power in one that is limitless and fruitful in the ninety days of the program. I would love to see her book published and available to a greater number of people that would really benefit from it. If that is what she chose to Manifest.

    3 I believe she could truly benefit humanity even more if she were to take your program and more fully step into her role as a Messenger and Light Bringer. I can only begin to imagine the good that would come from her participation.

    I trust you too will see the enormous value of this program for Marifran by choosing her to receive Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse. Thank you for making this nomination possible.

    Blessings and A Happy Today,

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  5. julie g Says:

    I would like to second the nomination of Sheila Finkelstein. She is truly a generous soul and had a lot to do with the success of my very first teleclass ever. A gifted artist, she is already adept at manifestation. I just love and appreciated Sheila so much!!

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  7. Marifran Says:

    Dear Coco,
    Karen Wythe is the Atlas who holds up her family, as she is caretaker to a whole range of family and extended family. When she is not honoring others, she is hosting out-of-town relatives and friends.

    Recently, Karen overcame a serious car accident that her husband and she were involved in a year ago. Still Karen goes on courageously moving forward with a happiness and kindness.

    So committed to spiritual growth, Karen learns all she can and applies what she learns. Each Friday, she hosts and leads a meditation group. For decades she led classes in many spiritual topics and was highly qualified to teach at Lilydale. Certified in Family Life Education, Health and Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Counseling, she lives in the moment. For sheer courage and dedication, I nominate Karen Wythe.

    She will make splendid use of your course.
    Sunshine and sparkles,
    Marifran Korb

  8. Marifran Says:

    Hello Coco,
    Morgine Jurdon embraces what is in front of her to do, both physically and spiritually. Her gifts and talents are numerous. A few include being a friend to many, creating written materials to enhance individual businesses, loving all living beings, and writing astounding poetry.

    Spiritually, Morgine reminds me of Hercules, handling whatever comes her way and creating miraculous outcomes. Combining Earth and Spirit, Morgine blends her physical, emotional, and mental senses to support others to touch the sky.

    Besides nurturing her friends and clients, she does whatever it takes to be her best and give her best. Morgine will make amazing use of your course.
    Starshine and moonbeams,

  9. Marifran Says:

    Hi Coco,
    Philippa Crawford gives of herself in many ways. One way I know about firsthand is through EFT sessions. Presently, she is making those sessions available for free once a week on Wednesdays at 11 ET.

    Philippa makes an amazing difference by her inspired words that she speaks to clients. It is not a formula that she uses. One of her gifts is that, like a laser, she beams into the emotional center and heals the source of pain.

    There’s no doubt that Philippa would use your course and incorporate it into the career she has.
    Laugh and sing,

  10. Sheila Finkelstein Says:

    Kathleen and Julie G, thank you so much for your kind, generous and loving comments and nominations.

    I am sitting here moved to tears, totally appreciating the listening you give me that allows me to be who I am. Even more importantly, for me, is that in your sharing publicly and privately your experience of me, I get to internalize a far greater appreciation of myself. I, then feel nurtured, stronger and sparked to move forward in the world in my mission to empower others.

    I would be remiss in not adding Morgine and Marifran to this acknowledgment of the precious people in my life who are ongoingly stands for my power and strengths. I, thus, get to choose to stand there also.

    What is challenging for me is choosing one person to nominate. In this note I nominate all 4 of you and will come back with individual recommendations.

    Again, thank you so much.

    With great love and appreciation,


  11. Karen Wythe Says:

    Dear Coco,
    I would again like to say of Marifran Korb that she is a pillar of good will and highest intentions…. Her nominations prove her good will and ever present sensitivity to the feelings of others. She is a great example of selflessness and compassion. I truly love and appreciate her genuineness and use of Divine wisdom in her life. She can take the most awkward of situations and bring joy to the heart of others… I know this through this nomination experience. It is with great Joy in my heart because of her selflessness and wisdom that I encourage You to Choose Marifran receive the Manifestation Mastery Journey eCourse.

    In Truth, Trust and Sincerity,
    Great Blessings,

  12. Michele Risa Says:

    I’d like to nominate Nancy Saar. She has discipline and character, perseverance and commitment like the rock of Gibraltar. Am I being clear that she is reliable? With so much in life that comes and goes, it is incredible to know that no matter what, you can depend on Nancy.

    In addition, she does what she does quietly. Like an angel that lands softly on your shoulder. And if you allow her to rest there awhile, she’ll share pearls of wisdom and insights.

    With love,

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  16. Karen Wythe Says:

    Hi Coco,
    This is a funny thing,. Yesterday I was remembering a time I was chosen to be the best Patrol girl in my elementary school. What I was drawn to think about was the nomination process. I remembered I did not put my vote for me… and I processed a lot of feelings around that. Asking myself why I chose someone else over myself?
    Then this morning I did my writing and was reminded to set my intention for my path and take action by asking for the desired out come… How amazed I was when I opened you Email this morning and find The Law of Asking as a teaching…So Coco I would be remiss if I did not write this.
    I nominate myself.
    I would love to see me receive this program. I acknowledge the presence of me in my life, the inner me the wise and knowing me. –I recognize my generosity in the giving of my self and my time for others (family, friends and strangers) and my contributions of coaching with the positive impacts in their lives, I am grateful for my small part and that I choose to play full out. I recognize that I am a Magnificent Manifestor that could use a bit of tweaking. I see adversity as an opportunity to change and grow, and rise beyond the challenges of life like riding crescent waves or simply floating upon them as they pass under me. I never see them as something that crashes down on my heard or ruins the opportunity to catch the next wave. And I know that even when the ocean lays down for a bit there will aways be a next wave…I have learned to float patiently as the momentum for action builds. I have learned to recognize I am not stuck but simply floating.
    So today as I float in this great Ocean of Life I am reminded so clearly of the importance of asking. So I am Asking… Please Accept my nomination of Me… Please Choose me.
    Blessings on this Journey,

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  18. Kathleen Hancox Izzo Says:

    Hi Coco,

    I’d like to honor and acknowledge you!

    Your instructions, about how the contest works, says: Is there someone you’d like to make sure is acknowledged for their presence in your life? –Maybe for their generosity, their contributions, their incredible manifesting power, their ability to overcome challenge, or whatever reason you feel called to honor them.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge you! You are such a shining example of all that you teach – – a manifestor, a generator of ideas and products that greatly serve others, a person who gives to others, a person who has learned to “go with the flow” no matter what life sends your way, a great embodiment, matching personality with Spirit; and your commitment to follow Spirit is inspiring!

    Thank you for being you, for allowing Spirit to shine so brightly through such an exquisite personality, for always striving to be the best person you can be, and thus, setting an example for others. You give me hope that we can, indeed, change the world.

    Thank you for shining your Light so magnificently!

    My best to you,


  19. Kathleen Hancox Izzo Says:

    Hi Coco,

    I’d like to nominate Karen Wythe for her courage to ask for what she wants! Isn’t it great that she is implementing one of the Laws!

    I don’t know Karen, and so my “inner critic” starting asking all kinds of questions: “can you nominate someone you don’t know, better check the rules, what if she isn’t a really deserving person, and on and on” -:))

    Karen sounds like a warm and loving person, but even knowing very little about her, I know she is a deserving person just by dint of being a human being!

    As I write this, there is still that gnawing little voice (roaring in my head) about how Karen is a stranger to me, so I have no right to nominate her, but, there is another voice in my head reminding me of how it was the kindness of strangers that sustained me through my darkest days. It was, for instance, a car salesman I hardly knew, named Peter, who called me once a week for a year to see if I needed anything. His calls came at a time when I was totally, energetically, devastated by an illness, and, as I was ill, my family and friends had deserted me. It’s apt to remember Peter here. As much as I desperately needed help during that period of time, even though I greatly appreciated his kindness, I never once took Peter up on his offer of help. Talk about not being able to ask for what I need, let alone what I want! I think that’s why I admire Karen in her ability to ask.

    So, as I stranger to Karen, I nominate her anyways, and am grateful for the opportunity to kindly nominate someone who is a stranger, in gratitude to Peter and the many other strangers who have been so kind to me.

    Good luck, Karen and thank you for modeling this law!

    My best to you,


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  21. Sheila Finkelstein Says:

    I hope I’m not too late. I’ve been meaning to pop in here and nominate Kathy Izzo. Her writing here and her acknowledgments are a demonstration of who she is in the world, a mirror for others’ greatness, reflecting her own.

    I’ve had the privilege of being in classes with her over the past few years, first in one of yours, Coco. Then it’s been a delightful surprise and rich learning experience when she has turned up again, here and in other groups, I’ve been in.

    Her persistence and commitment to natural healing of herself and then her leadership in transmitting that to others will be making a huge difference in the world. Being gifted your Manifesting Mastery Journey would most certainly add to and expand on that.

    Thank you, Coco, for your generosity of spirit, your brilliance, sensitivity and all that you do and for considering Kathleen Izzo.

    With love and appreciation,


  22. Sheila Finkelstein Says:

    When I posted my comment last night, I had not seen Kathy’s nomination for Karen. What a beautiful and authentic email and

    Congratulations to you both for being selected by Coco as the winners. Karen, I so admire your courageousness in being out there. Truly AWEsome. I look forward to hearing more about you and what you are up to.

    Thank you, Coco, once again for your generosity, creativity and sharing.

    Much love,


  23. Marifran Says:

    I’m just looking at email after being away for a week without email.
    Kathleen, I was moved by your message, too.

    Thank you Karen for the beautiful things you wrote about me.
    You are very generous of spirit. It takes something for me to own what
    you see.

    Bless you, Sheila too, for acknowledging me. It was late Friday night when I wrote. Leaving early Saturday morning, I felt it was a missing not to have mentioned you as a source of inspiration. You’ve been a stand for me since I met you. Now I see more beauty in my life. Few people have such a creative brain and such technical savvy while balancing both so well.

    Again, hooray for the winners!
    Love to all,

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