Would You Like To Be A Prosperity Ambassador?

As you know, I’ve personally committed this year to help the organization Empowerment Village raise $2M so that they can take their prosperity and sustainability program to 200 villages throughout Africa who have asked for their help.

Our spirit is to bring to the entire world, peace with love abounding and a fullness of soul that is possible when we create prosperity for all. This occurs when we:

*   Nurture and care for each other and the earth
*   Work in harmony, love and faith with the other members of our village
*   Celebrate what we can all give and what we can all receive from each other.

The Western world is rich in resources. African villages are rich in spirit. When the two come together, everyone benefits, and true prosperity emerges.

What is a Prosperity Ambassador?

A Prosperity Ambassador is anyone who chooses to commit to personal prosperity, and to spread the word of prosperity to others. You can help us by signing-up today to become a Prosperity Ambassador.

Please read more about the Empowerment Village Ambassador Program at http://www.empowervillage.org/ambassadors, and help EV reach its goal in 2009!

Thank you.


Coco Fossland


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