What Does Prosperity Look Like To You?

It seems that all people want prosperity. For many of those in developed countries prosperity means exceedingly abundant wealth, far beyond necessities needs.

For others in places such as the poor countries of Africa, prosperity is to own a bed, a blanket and a pillow, and when you rise from that bed, to have slippers or sandals to put on your feet; then to have a cup of coffee or tea and breakfast.

What does prosperity look like to you?

  • To some, prosperity would mean that everyone in the world be living in the lap of luxury and prosperity
  • To some, prosperity looks like a beautiful home, a healthy family, and a full bank account
  • To some, prosperity means the education and opportunity to share one’s gifts and talents
  • To some, prosperity might be a home with plenty of food, good books to read, and the vivid hope of someday being able to go to school or attend a university
  • To some, prosperity is laughing and singing with friends over tea and knowing there’s enough food to feed the family tonight.

For many, maybe even you at times, there lives a deep sense of lack–longing for something more–more money, more time, more resources, more opportunity.

The first step to discovering prosperity in yourself, is to explore the question, “What does prosperity look like to you?”

Perhaps over a cup of warm tea, take a moment to sit down and contemplate this simple question. Write it down. Share it with a friend. Share it with your family.



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