Who Is Your Prosperous Self?

Most people, if you ask them, will tell them that they would love to be prosperous. But if you were to look at the contents of their life, you’d see how their choices immediately reflect otherwise.

Most of us see prosperity as something that happens to us. We see it as something that comes as a result of success or money or good fortune. We see it as an outcome.

Today, as you condsider for yourself whether or not you’d like to be prosperous, allow yourself to see prosperity not as an outcome, but as a state of being. Prosperity is not something that happens to you.

Prosperity is something you choose to be.

You can choose to be lots of things… compassionate, loving, kind, generous, considerate, courageous… when was the last time you decided to be prosperous?

What would that be like for you?

To help you reveal new choices and take your life in a new direction, discover your Prosperous Self. Imagine that living within you is your Prosperous Self. The part of you who lives and breathes prosperity. A part of you who is already prosperous.

Using your imagination, create the persona of your Prosperous Self…

  1. What does your Prosperous Self look like? What do they wear?
  2. How does your Prosperous Self feel throughout the day?
  3. What does your Prosperous Self believe is true about themselves? About the world?
  4. What does your Prosperous Self do? What behaviors show you that they are indeed prosperous?
  5. What is the wisdom of your Prosperous Self?
  6. What is your Prosperous Self trying to teach you?
  7. What action does your Prosperous Self wish you would take today?

This week, choose to become your Prosperous Self. For just one week, dress up and act like your Prosperous Self all week. Only think thoughts your Prosperous Self would think. Only take actions that your Prosperous Self would take. Notice what you observe along the way.


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