How Do I Promote Myself

A reader this week asked me about how she could better reach her preferred  customers.  I thought many of you might like to receive some ideas on the subject…


Yes, reaching your preferred audience can be a challenge, especially with so many internet marketing options (blogs, social media, ezines, teleseminars, etc.)  It’s difficult to know where to begin.

I find that the first thing to do — before you even start to consider which marketing tactics to invest in — is to take time to get ULTRA clear about WHO your preferred customer truly is.

I call this “Your Authentic Customer.” Your Authentic Customer is someone you are MEANT to serve. Quite different than a “Perfect Customer” or “Ideal Customer,” an Authentic Customer comes not from your thinking mind, but from your Spirit.

I have a 90 minute recording on Authentic Customers that I include with a larger program (The ServiceDrivenSales Program), that I’ll give you to as a gift.  Here is a link to the recording:

It is VERY powerful.

The second step is defining your Authentic Customer in a clear, concise statement.  I call it the “WHO-WHAT STATEMENT”, and it goes like this… “I help people who…[INSERT YOUR WHO]… and help them… [INSERT THE PRIMARY PROBLEM YOU HELP THEM OVERCOME].”

The third step is developing a consistent marketing system that you can put on auto-pilot.  The system includes three steps:

A.  A system to “shine your light” so NEW prospects can find you each and every month. Examples of this include partner teleseminar swaps, reaching out to people who have internet radio shows and asking if you can be a guest, strategically minded social media,

B.  A system to “give them a profound experience of you,” leaving them with the desire for more. Examples of this are a downloadable recording they receive in exchange for their name and email address; access to a monthly value-packed free call or download; a complimentary session with you; access to some other product or service for free (always in exchange for their name and email address)

C.  A system to invite them to be your customer. Once they receive the free service/product, it’s important to have a very clear moment you invite them to invest in your products/services further.  It’s important to either include the offer to buy either in the free download, or write down what you’re going to say if it’s part of a free session — the key is to prepare and plan for it, so that the invitation occurs naturally and consistently.

D.  A system to stay in touch ongoing. Examples include an eZine, weekly audio-gram, internet radio show, video blog, regular blog, or some other mechanism that regularly connects to your prospects and customers.  I recommend that your stay-in-touch system occurs weekly.

I hope you find some of this helpful.  Certainly, start with the downloadable call. That alone usually creates a strong shift in awareness (and excitement) about your audience.


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