What Should I Delegate?

I received a wonderful question today from a fellow entrepreneur.  She wanted to know, with so many things to do, which items are best to delegate to someone else.

I offered her a simple system to help her see where help would be best utilized.

First, take three days to track everything you do. Literally, keep a running list of all the little actions you take as the day goes on. (Write email to Sue, write copy for new web page, answer phone call from Frank, write a check to the dog walker.) The list will give you a reasonably good list of all the things you do with your time.

Second, add to each of these lists any other activities not represented in these list that you find yourself doing from time to time (or things you “should do” from time to time — like bookkeeping — but never do).

Third, go through the list and categorize the actions as follows:

  • A’s are “Must do myself”
  • B’s are “Someone else could do”
  • C’s are “I’d be much better served if someone did this instead of me”

Fourth, go through your list and mark an asterisk (*) next to any activities that support client attraction or enrollment. In other words, anything related to marketing or selling gets an asterisk.

Fifth, create your prioritized list of what to delegate. Your list should go in this order…

  • C’s with an asterisk
  • C’s
  • B’s with an asterisk
  • B’s

When you hire someone, be sure they are well qualified to do whatever is at the top of your list (the C’s with asterisks). And then, when you train them, use this same list to plan what to train them to do first, second, and so on.

I hope this is helpful!!




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