Spirit Loves Me

This week’s Wisdom Circle Manifestation Ritual is about Shining Your Light, which is ever so important when it comes to creating an abundant life.

Following the Fourth Law of Creation, The Law of Attraction, which states, “Whatever you focus on, expands,” it follows reason that when you focus on your light, amazing things unfold.

Below you will find my notes from my personal process of listening to this week’s Manifestation Ritual…

My miracles for the week:
* Easily finding a new 3 bedroom apartment – YaY!!  More space for all of us to thrive!
* Receiving 11 participants into the Wealth Manifestation program
* Spending Sunday with my girlfriends, while throwing a celebration for my friend, Erica
* Receiving support from Rosa — she loves and cares for my little Ella
* Static on the bridge line showing me my tenacity, showing me the importance of my message, showing me the value I bring
* Being able to work at home where I can witness the daily unfolding of Ella
* Cuddling on the sofa with Frank last night and feeling utterly and completely loved

If I were to shine my light all week long… I would feel worthy.

In 2009, one of my goals is to support 50 people moving over $100K. To support this goal, I have set the following 30 Day Divine Creation:
Sharing my light by putting 10 talks on the calendar.

Who would I need to be? I would need to be self-believing and self-honoring.

Why is this Diving Creation important to me? By asking people for the opportunity to speak to their community, I honor myself as worthy and valuable.  It will allow me to demonstrate the love I feel in my heart in a physical way.

How will I need to grow?
* Release the assumption they won’t want me
* Release the assumption I’m asking too much
* Be willing to hear “no”
* Release putting off and avoiding asking people
* Release the fear of asking for what I want
* Release the fear that there is not enough abundance for me
* Release the thought that I am unworthy to receive unless I struggle
* Release my commitment to struggle
* Release my fear of rejection
* Release fear of not being good enough
* Release the worry that they already have speakers
* Release the worry that they will think I am unworthy of their time and space

My light is steady and calm.

What allows my light to shine…
* A daily, regular connection to spirit
* Laughing
* The sound of Ella’s laugh
* Taking a walk
* Being in the conversation of consciousness
* Writing about the Laws of Connection
* Wearing glasses of gratitude
* Being with my girlfriends sipping margaritas and laughing

My inner light represents… the love in my heart.  It is the pure expression of my love.

When I shine my light… I heal with my love.

The Keeper of My Light… she is a blond woman with blue eyes.  She has a jovial smile.

My Keeper of Light says, “I am here to help you receive your light.  Own it as your own.  You think it is Spirit, but you must understand today, that the light you sense is not “other.” It is You.

The gift she has for me… is the gift of awe.  She said, “My gift is the awe that spirit sees in you.  Don’t be astounded by Spirit’s awe.”

Where is this gift needed… She said, “This gift is needed in your mind.  In your perception.  You are where this gift is needed.  You need to receive the awe that spirit sees in you.”

To heal my heart… practice self-love and self-honoring.  See the miracle of you.  Receive the good you bring to others.  Don’t make it small and insignificant.

She then said, “To grow your business courageously do the things you’ve put off.  Stand in the knowing that you are as valuable as Spirit and it will help you feel worthy of asking other amazing light workers to help you.”

I could see that the gift of self-awe enables me to move beyond small self insecurities and into BIG Self worthiness as I ask for the opportunity to speak.

How I resist my light…
* When others thank me, I acknowledge them
* I don’t ask others for help
* I keep my prices low
* I become cranky
* I complain
* I worry about money, even though there’s plenty
* I put off celebration, watiting for the other shoe to drop
* You don’t care for yourself
* You put your needs last

The key to allowing light into fearsome places… “Remember that Spirit is the answer to every struggle.”

The action given me by my Light Guide this week… Reach out to five potential strategic alliances I’ve been wanting to contact.  You are PLENTY.  They will be honored to have you speak.

The key to nurturing my light… feeling Spirit’s love of me

And finally she said, “There is nothing more to worry about.  Everything is ready for you and your light.”


I hope you enjoyed reading about my inner journey.  If you would like to experience your own inner light, I invite you to listen to this week’s Manifestation Ritual.  It’s available to all active members of the Wisdom Circle. (www.WisdomCircle.biz)


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