I Received A Golden Wish!!

As I huddled over a warm cup of decaf, I settled into my morning meditation.  I listened to this week’s Manifestation Ritual focused on receiving a Golden Wish.

In case you don’t know what a Golden Wish is, allow me to elaborate.  A Golden Wish is a wish given to you by Spirit. It is what Spirit wishes for you.

This week’s Manifestation Ritual in the Wisdom Manifestation Circle (www.WisdomCircle.biz) can help you discover your very own.

So here’s what happened for me today as I turned my awareness inside and followed the audio instructions…

1.  I reflected on all the miracles of the last week.  Here is the list I captured…

  • My marriage to Frank and what an incredible gift it is.  I have a true partner in this life.
  • Walking a spiritual path — not just an emotional or physical path — with Frank.  He inspires the Spirit living in me to dance.
  • Starting to realize the gift of being a wife – there’s a whole new world of love and expression of myself that this new role gives me.  I feel a whole new area of myself stepping forward.  It’s amazing.
  • Looking into Amelia’s eyes and seeing pools of hope and love.  Although her body does not work the way other 7-year-old bodies work, she is no victim.  She is a pillar of strength, gratitude, and love.  I am honored to have her in my life.  She is a constant reminder of what is True and what is important.
  • Frank loving me — oh how he loves me — he loves even the parts that I can’t stand
  • The love and celebration from friends and family for our marriage.  We are SO loved.
  • Most of the time we have 24-hour caregiver with Amelia,as she has lots of needs.  But we decided we wanted a sacred space this weekend with just us and the girls.  And though it was hard work, Frank and I loved every minute of it.  The intimacy and care in our family is tremendous.
  • Realizing at 4 AM with both girls crying that our apartment is too small and that it’s time to move.  Hallelujah!  We get a bigger place!!! Weeeeeee!
  • Having money in the bank. While we go into the story of “it’s not enough” and “it’s not what it was before the financial crisis” we have PLENTY.  Significantly more than most.
  • Both Frank and I having a tremendous opportunity to thrive this year. I am so grateful that Frank lost his job at Bear Stearns, as it opened the space for him to move into an even better position.  He has a rare opportunity for tremendous success, and he’s loving his work.  And at no other time in my business do I feel a greater connection with Spirit.  We are both on path and creating tremendous success for ourselves and our family.
  • Knowing I get to participate in Baeth Davis’ Phenomenal Entrepreneur Program – knowing that we have the prosperity and abundance to make this possible
  • My courage is a miracle. Despite the financial environment we live in, I am choosing to feel abundant about the spectacular diamond on my finger, the financial investment I am making in myself with Baeth’s program, and at the same time giving our family the permission to get a bigger place
  • My mother’s incredible love and presence. She is a true miracle-maker in the lives of so many.  I am deeply honored to be her daughter.

2.  I asked to receive an intention for 2009…

My intention for this year is LOVE.  My inner voice of wisdom went on to say, “Manifest BIG, BIG, BIG love with thousand,” and “Love is the key to Authentic Success.  To wealth.  To health. To everything.”  The voice paused for a moment and then spoke again, “For everything, ask yourself, ‘What would love do now?’

3.  Next, I drifted into my outdoor space of inner wisdom…

I have a few spots I tend to land. Today I landed on my sacred beach. Upon arriving, I realized I was enjoying this miraculous beach at sunrise.  I see the sun coming up over the horizon.  I hear the sound of the ocean.  The beach is long and expansive.  I am alone, except for seagulls flying in the air.  The sky is golden.

4.  I traveled to my Seat of Inner Wisdom…

Today, my Divine Seat of Inner Wisdom is a simple beach chair left for me by Spirit.  Spirit seems to want me to see the sunrise.  I sit in the seat, and see the miracle of new beginnings.  I hear the singing of angels.  I am a part of the golden rays that create the golden sky above.  I feel holy.  Expansive.

5.  I invited a Manifestation Guide to come to me…

Today, I see a man with brown hair, wearing a long white robe.  He approaches over the water.  He walks on water, barefooted, coming to me.  His eyes are bright, brilliant blue.

I know this man to be the spirit of Jesus.

6.  I asked him, “Why have you come to me today?”

He says,To reveal your golden light. To help you become the miracle-maker you are. It’s time to claim your role on this earth.  You contain the light that lives in my eyes.”

7.  I asked him to reveal the bounty of the last year of my life.

“In the last year, you have come into your light.  You were tested with life.  You were tested with scarcity, uncertainty, and challenge.  And love prevailed.  You were a reflection of joy, despite it all.  In fact, the love was so strong, that you didn’t even bear witness to the challenge of it all. You saw a charmed life, and it was.  It is.”

8.  I asked him, “What did I receive last year that I deeply wanted?”

“You wanted love.  You wanted family.  You received both. All your life you’ve been longing for this level of intimacy that you have with Frank.  And you have it.  He is your angel.  He was sent to remind you of your perfection, your goodness.  He is the model for how to treat you.”

9.  I asked him, “What is the gift of today? This moment?”

“Today’s gift is hope. You stand on the precipice of a new day.  You know good things are coming.  You know the test is over. But there is no guarantee.  You have no reason to believe this, but you do.  This gift of hope is profound.”

10.  I asked him, “What do you wish for me in the next 12 months?”

I want your heart to receive the love you give. You are to be surrounded by riches, and every rich is to be a reminder of the love you give, and the love others would like you to receive.  The diamond on your hand will lead you to your True Worth.  And quickly, Coco, you will receive a new, beautiful, spacious apartment.  You will discover rich, powerful partnerships with brilliant beings on this planet.  You will have the opportunity to serve and help literally thousands.  You will receive more money this year than you ever have before. It is time.  Money is a very important piece of the puzzle.  It is your teacher.  It will lead you to your next level of consciousness.”

11. I then asked him, “What is my Golden Wish? What is the sacred wish Spirit wants for me?”

He gave me my Golden Wish:  My wish for you is a pot of gold. He shows me a pot of gold, and Frank and I are standing around it, feeling blessed.  I get to be blessed.”

He went on to explain my Golden Wish, “This is not a metaphor for wealth.  I want you to receive an actual overflowing bank account beyond your wildest dreams.  My wish is for you to feel utterly blessed in the process.  For you to feel utterly held by God and supported with material abundance.  Material wealth is deeply important for your next step.  Your development.”

12. I then asked, “What is the wisdom I am meant to learn in 2009?”

He was clear as he said, “This year, Coco, you will understand your True Worth. You will let go of the old thought that you don’t deserve what you want.  You will see, in a profound, unshakable way that you can have what you want. And what you want is GOOD.”

13.  I asked, “What is the challenge I am meant to overcome in 2009?”

Again he was clear:  “You will overcome the challenge of believing you are unworthy. The doubt that you can’t have what you want because you are somehow unworthy – because you didn’t work hard enough, because people don’t like you enough.

“Also, you will finally realize that YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO STRUGGLE.  You will shake the belief that life is easy for some, but not for you.  This is your year to overcome this thinking.”

14.  Next, I asked him for specific guidance.  “What is an action you would like me to take this week?”

He gave me clear instructions:  “Spirit wants you to focus on your love for Ella.  This will help you understand your own worth.  Spirit wants you to imagine the life you want for her – the home, the abundance, the opportunity you want for her.  Write it down in a one-page Manifesto. Know that whatever you write down is what you are meant to receive right away.  What you already have.”

I willingly agreed to create this one-page Manifesto.  I will do it Friday morning after my workout.

15.  I asked him what would keep me from Spirit’s wishes for me.

He said, “Being blind to my abundance.” He went on to say, Buying into the thinking that now is the time to play it safe.”

16. Finally, I asked him, “What is the new thought you’d like me to adopt into my life?”

He said, “Now is NOT the time to play it safe.  Now is the time to Live From Spirit.”


I hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse of my inner world. In the past, when I’ve shared my inner world experiences, people have told me that it helped them understand and validate their own experiences.  Of course, everyone’s inner experience is different.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way.  This is just a picture of what I saw today.  I hope it was helpful for you in some way.

I’d love to hear the wisdom revealed this week for you in this weeks Manifestation Ritual. Or feel free to offer your comments, reflections, or thoughts.


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