Inertia? What’s That?

I received an email today from a member of the WorldChangingBusiness Community.  He explained that his biggest challenge in building business is inertia.  For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll call the emailer Steve.

I breathed a deep sigh of understanding as I read Steve’s words.  “Yup,” I thought to myself, “I’ve been there.”

So I gave it some thought.

First of all, what is inertia?

According to the American Herritage Dictionary, inertia is described as “the resistance of a body to changes in its momentum.” The definition goes on to say that, “because of inertia, a body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion continues moving in a straight line and at a constant speed, unless a force is applied to it.”

This basically means that unless we apply some kind of new force (or I would assert, new energy) on something, it doesn’t change.

So the question is… what new energy or force can you apply to your business to either (a) getting it moving or (b) get it moving faster?

What new energy or force?  Hmmnn… Well, energy and force are two very distinct things.  Both can be helpful.

My first response to Steve was this…

“Ah, yes, inertia… oh my how I know about that…  I’ve found it really helpful to set up a structure of commitments that prevents me from getting stuck.  I schedule meetings and programs before I know what I am going to say or do in them, thereby giving me the motivation and focus to deliver.  I don’t like to let people down, so I used that to my advantage.

“Perhaps there could be a similar structure for you?  Are there commitments, meetings, or presentations you could schedule now — even if you don’t have the full plan laid out of what you will do or say?  I find that meetings and presentations on my calendar keep me moving, building both momentum and opportunity.”

After I completed my email and mailed it off to him, I realized I gave him a rather incomplete answer.  I realized that the solution I offered was a good one — one that has worked well for me and kept me always moving forward.  But I realized that the suggestion I gave was one of new force (not new energy).

I didn’t give any suggestions on perhaps the bigger player in our challenge with inertia:  the bringing of new energy.

There is a brilliant book by David Hawkins called Power Versus Force. The title alone stopped me in my tracks when I first came upon it several years ago.  I immediately had this clear picture of two ways to live life…

  1. One way, the force way, is a life of pushing, pulling, trying, and ultimately struggling to have what’s desired.
  2. The other way — the power way — is a state of being.  The picture I get is of me standing atop my favorite mountain with my heart open wide with love shining out from the depths of my soul.

In my response to Steve, I gave an excellent example of the force way.

The other way, the power way, I would have to explore a bit more.  So I asked myself, and my inner Guides, for a picture of what the power way would look like.  How could Steve, or me, or you, or anyone, overcome the feeling of inertia, applying the power way?

And Spirit spoke, “On simple step at a time.” Spirit then went on to say, “Focus on the love in your heart, and then ask yourself, ‘how can I move towards my dream today?'”

Spirit showed me that it’s through the love in my heart that inertia is overcome. It’s by staying true to today, this moment, and the power I have right now.  It’s by letting go of the need for a bigger plan, and surrendering to today’s action alone — and doing it with love, and love alone.

Spirit reminded me, “All is easy in the presence of love.” And that resonates.  Inertia is gone.  There is no need for motivation, or momentum, or pushing, or trying when there is love present in the next action.

Where are you struggling today with inertia?  Lack of movement?  Stuckness?  Boredom? Doubt? Perhaps a reconstitution of love is the answer.  Let me know how it goes.

BIG love,



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