A Clear 7 Day Divine Creation

I’ve had a ball these last few weeks with all the new participants of the Wisdom Manifestation Circle (Home of the 7 Day Manifestation Journey).

When members join, the first thing they do is set a goal for the first 7 days.  We call it the 7 Day Divine Creation.

A 7 Day Divine Creation is a goal. It’s a goal that demonstrates inner divinity operating in the outer world.  It represents inner change manifested in the physical world.

Because it’s a goal, it has the characteristics of a goal:

  1. It’s specific.
  2. It’s measurable.
  3. It’s objective (not subjective).

In the first few days, I was watched excitedly as members of the Wisdom Manifestation Circle began declaring their 7 Day Divine Creations.  It is so inspiring to be a part of manifestation in the making!

Several people had trouble creating a clear, specific, measurable, objective Divine Creation.  I had several emails saying, “I know I want to feel more peace/joy/love/power in my inner world, but how does that translate to an outer world goal?”

I thought I’d take this opportunity today to respond to this question for everyone.

A great way to allow your divine creation to be more clear is to ask yourself these questions:

  1. “What would it look like to [have more peace in my life]??
  2. “What would be signs in my external world that I am experiencing more [peace] in my inner world?”
  3. “What would change in my physical environment if I were experiencing more [peace] in my inner world?”

Here are some examples of what would demonstrate more peace (for me) in my physical world, and thus, could be an example of a 7 Day Divine Creation for me:

  1. Meditate for 30 minutes every day for 7 days. By completing this specific, measurable practice, you have created something tangible in the physical world.  You will be able to say, “I meditated for 30 minutes for 7 days.”
  2. Every day for seven days, capturing three thoughts of peace and one photograph. At the end, I would compile them into a small, 7 page book.  One each page, there would be the photograph and three thoughts on peace captured each day.  I would print it up and put it on my dresser to see and read every morning. (I did a version of this recently for Frank. — Don’t tell, I haven’t given it to him yet! —  Each day I created a commitment from my heart to his.  For each commitment, I found a photograph that embodies this commitment.  I put all the commitments together into a photo book on http://www.KodakGallery.com.  These are my vows to him, which I intend to read to him when we wed in 2009.)
  3. Painting a portrait of peace. I occasionally paint, so this is a wonderful way for me to manifest a feeling.  I’ve done paintings of every emotion under the sun.  I’ve done forgiveness paintings, love paintings, anger paintings.  You name it.  I’ve painted it.
  4. Writing a letter to my congress person on how we could use peace to solve a specific world problem.  You could do this for any cause you feel strongly about.  You could also write letters to your local television station, newspaper, or favorite TV show host.  After 9/11, I was feeling a strong pull toward peace.  This led me to joining the board of New Yorkers for a Department of Peace, which is an organization that is putting through a bill in congress to put a Department of Peace in the Executive Branch of U.S. Government.  www.nyc-dop.com
  5. Having a peace circle where I invite 5-8 friends to my home and share our thoughts on “What peace looks like.” This one I borrowed from my friend Liz Graydon who is the founder of the campaign, “What Peace Looks Like.” Email Liz at lizgraydon@optonline.net
  6. Write a book on peace. In seven days, I might choose to complete my first chapter.  While I haven’t written a book on peace, I have written one on self-trust.  Using a self-led process very similar to the 7 Day Manifestation Journey, I completed this book one chapter at a time.
  7. Write a letter each day to someone I’ve held blame or resentment. In the letter express my gratitude and thanks for who they are and what they’ve given me in this life.  I may or may not mail the letters.  The completion of the letters might be enough.  I’ve personally written at least 100 letters of forgiveness.  Each letter brings me closer to divine perspective.

These are just some examples.  There are many, many others.

A real world example of a 7 Day Divine Creation for me took place while creating the 7 Day Manifestation Journey itself.

My inner intention was to “walk with god” and to be “Spirit’s willing apprentice.” The specific goal I focused on was the creation and manifestation of the 7 Day Manifestation Journey while giving it simultaneously to hundreds of people.  The experience was, and is, amazing.

For me, my business is a profound space of divine practice. I’ve evolved my business so that everything I do in my business reminds me of my Higher Path.

My current 12-Month Divine Creation is to serve 1,000 people in the Wisdom Manifestation Circle. By serving this Circle of divine creators and providing a path to embody and practice manifestation, I am myself required to stay on track with my own divine development.

If you are not already a member of the Wisdom Manifestation Circle, now’s a good time to join. There are about 12 more free spots remaining. www.WisdomCircle.biz

Happy Holidays!!


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