Select A Divine Creation

What are you creating right now? What’s something big you’d like to manifest really soon?  Something huge in the next week?

I’m currently leading a group of about 200 people through an exciting process, called the WorldChanging 7 Day Manifestation Journey.  It’s a free program where people declare something to manifest (we call it a Divine Creation), and then focus 7 days on that one thing.

Today, on Call 1 of 3, we discussed the importance of what you choose to manifest. Being that you are likely up to plenty in your life, I thought it would be of particular value for you to stop, reflect and select something of true value to put a little extra energy and attention.

The Divine Creation you choose to commit should be:
1. Something you are excited to create!!
2. Something that will spark the first step of creating something big you REALLY want to have in your life.
3. Something you might have to stretch a bit to complete – something that will challenge you — but that you know and believe you can successfully complete in the next 7 days.
4. Something that will invite you to grow in the direction that Spirit wants for you – the direction of Authentic Success.

Perhaps you have already begun your interest and study of the Science of Manifestation.  You may have watched The Secret, or read some of the many books about the Laws of Attraction (my personal favorites are The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Waddles, Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Alter Your Life by Emmet Fox, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill).

You probably already know that the Law of Attraction states that you get more of what you’re focused on, and that it’s your thoughts that create your reality.  You have probably already tried out the Laws of Attraction in your life, and maybe even seen some pretty amazing results.

But you’re reading this today, on some level, because you know that you’ve only begun to tap into the powers of creation living inside you.

You can create absolutely anything you can imagine.  Anything and everything.

But until you become a Manifestation Master, this will all remain just theory to you. The only way to become a Manifestation Master is to practice the Laws of Creation (which include the Law of Attraction) until you demonstrate to yourself, first-hand that these Laws are in fact real, and not just theory.

What is a demonstration? To demonstrate the Laws of Creation is to evolve (enlighten) yourself on the inside to such a degree that a corresponding physical world creation manifests.

Here’s what happens:

1.  Set a High Frequency Goal

2.  Evolve from the inside

3.  Physical world demonstration occurs

What Is Your Frequency? Your frequency is the energetic level you are living at.  Your energetic level is a measure of your ability to create what you want in your life.

The higher your energetic frequency, the more self-actualized you are.

To measure your energetic frequency, look around your life. How much of your life is the way you want it?  How much of your life is not?

Another way to measure your energetic frequency is your thinking. How much of your thinking makes you feel powerful, uplifted, and free?  How much of your thinking is filled with excuses, complaints, limitation, and blame?

The ultimate way to measure your energetic frequency is to observe your feelings. Your feelings are a direct indicator of your energy.  If 1 equals a feeling of utter despair and 10 equals a feeling of utter bliss and godliness, then every other feeling falls somewhere in between.

To produce new physical world results (which is of course, what we’re always most concerned about, but one day we won’t), you need to change our energetic frequency.

If you’d like to learn more about this powerful conversation, go to and you’ll receive immediate access to the program — free of charge!


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